What is your favorite sound?

We’re surrounded by sounds from the moment we’re born. As a small fetus, we start hearing things much before we could see things. So it’s no surprise that sounds are something we respond really well to. We learn a lot just from the information we can get from sounds. It’s the difference between a soft and calm voice from your mom. Then hearing a loud and stern voice from your mom. You immediately know the context of the sound. And sounds have become so important that they’re ingrained almost everywhere in our daily life. The sound of car honking makes us alert and aware of our surroundings. The sound of birds chirping can easily tell us the time of the morning and wake our bodies up. We use sounds in hundreds of ways every single day.

But most people don’t realize how often they need and use sounds. It seems like something that we don’t rely on that much. But when we take the time to note every time we hear a significant sound, our hands would probably get tired. It’s not to say that we can’t survive without sounds. Rather, it’s that sounds are much more vital to our everday lives than we naturally notice. Some sounds become so vital to our lives that it conditions us to do certain things without thinking. That’s often the case with people that jump out the bed and start the shower at the sound of their alarm clock. But there are also sounds we just enjoy to hear. And we rarely take time to appreciate sounds that we just genuinely enjoy. I think we should all take the time to appreciate sounds we like. So what is your favorite sound?

Here’s a short story on what my favorite sound is.

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was watching Youtube and came across a really crazy video of a guy claiming he could make one thousand dollars a month in just three days. I was immediately intrigued and interested in learning more. I was all about business and entrepreneurship. But I had never seen anyone go out and build a profitable business in just three days. That was unheard of. At least it was in my world. This had to be some sleazy clickbait title. I clicked it anyway. I watched as the guy, who was nineteen years old, explained the whole concept of dropshipping. I heard about the dropshipping business model many times before. But I never thought too much about it. It always seemed like something that was a great idea back in the day, but antiquated now. Boy, was I wrong! He started up a whole business on a site called Shopify in just twenty four hours.

I was in shock. This was mind-blowing to me. I watched his last two videos of him finishing up his dropshipping store and launching it Instagram. It was almost too easy. He literally made a simple ad for the product and got someone to shout it out on Instagram. And the next day he made over nine hundred dollars. It had to be fake. But I knew deep down in my heart that it wasn’t. Ignorance holds us back from things we didn’t even know we could accomplish. And I immediately felt inferior. I was twenty something and took almost three years to make a grand a month. And now there was some kid on Youtube doing it in less than 72 hours. I was inspired, upset, and frustrated all at once. But I couldn’t sit in my despair for long. The losers in life will always sit and complain. The winners find a way to outplay the game.

So I spend the next day brainstorming my very own dropshipping business. I knew I wanted it to be something I knew a little about. I was into business and things like that. But I wasn’t sure what exactly I could sell in the business niche. I knew fashion was big in all areas of the world. And I knew there was tons of amazing mens clothing on AliExpress. I’ve seen multiple Instagram accounts shoutout mens fashion items before. I found one of the posts I saw recently and checked out their site. It looked pretty legit. So I decided to go into the mens fashion arena. I set up an entire site that was called MrPopStyle. I don’t know where I got that crazy name. But I liked it at the time. The next few days, I just followed my nineteen year old prodigy’s videos step by step. I wanted to create the same exact success I saw him have.

Then as soon as I was at the stage of getting my ads shouted out, a bunch of random things came up. I had to go into super focus mode for my main business Sparketh. We had to prepare for our next sales season, and of course the holiday Q4 season. Everything I was doing with MrPopStyle was put on hold for a few weeks. Then I randomly picked it back up after three weeks. I jumped right back in with a pretty basic ad that I made on Canva. It was far from professional. I remember thinking nobody would ever click on it. Nonetheless, I got two or three accounts to agree to post my ad. I paid them around fifty dollars in total. Then the next day, I saw the posts go live. I watched as random visitors trickled in to the site. I was so excited. I waited and waited for my nine hundred dollars but nothing happened. By the time the sun was going down, I gave up. I downloaded the Shopify mobile app and got ready for bed.

As I was getting in bed, I heard a very distinct sound out of nowhere. It was a very loud, “Cha-Ching!” It sounded like a cash register opening up with money. I was confused. I ran over to my phone and saw that I just made a sale on my site. I was ecstatic! I made a sale. And it sounded freaking amazing. I didn’t even know Shopify’s app made that sound. But it sounded so good that I got an instant natural high. I was on cloud nine walking around feeling like a million bucks. But I had only made ten bucks. I needed a lot more to get to nine hundred dollars. As the next two days went by, the “Cha-Chings!” kept rolling in. It felt great. And it was always at the times I was least expecting it. It felt amazing every time I heard that money sound come from my phone. It was almost addicting in a sense. I started getting obsessed with it. But then business got in the way again. I ended up making one hundred bucks in that week.

It was a nice couple bucks. But the sound of the money hitting my account felt so much better than seeing the numbers there. That is why my favorite sound is of money hitting your account. In particular, it’s the Shopify sound when you get a sale. I love hearing it. And if I was making ten, twenty, one hundred thousand dollars a month on Shopify I would surely keep that sweet money notification sound on. It’s something I should probably implement into my main business. Because truthfully, I was way more motivated to get sales on Shopify than I needed to be. And as long as they keep that sweet money notification sound, I’ll be trying to get sales on Shopify. It’s either that or I rip off the sound and apply it to every other positive business, and email notification I have. But why do that when I could just keep getting sales on Shopify?

That’s the goal. I need the Shopify money sound in my life forever.

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