What is your favorite song and why?

Music is meditation for the soul. The importance of music in our lives has become greater and greater over the years. Once upon a time we would listen to music only as an event. A live performance of music was something to do. And it’s still great to go out to a live band or artist performance. But in this day and age music is all around us everywhere we look. Music is in the background at the gym working out, at grocery store as we shop, and in shows and other entertainment.

Many people listen to some form of music on a consistent basis in their lives. Think about the shear amount of hours spent driving to and from work listening to hits on the radio. There’s no denying music is engrained in our life in a revolutionary way. And this is partly because of the technologies allowing us to have music anywhere but also how much we love music. It’s almost universally loved. The question though is, “What is your favorite song and why?”

Here’s my thoughts on what my favorite song is and why I love it so much.

It’s hard to take years and years of great music and pick just one song that is your true favorite. It’s hard to make that choice for so many reasons. Music is so expansive and dynamic. There’s hundreds of different genres of music. Then there’s hundreds of millions of songs in each genre. It’s hard to pick one genre as a favorite. It’s even harder trying to pick one song out of those hundreds of millions of songs. It’s what I’ll call an impossible task.

But I like difficult challenges. So I’m going to stop complaining and just rise to the occasion. I’ll answer in two parts. First, I’ll explain what could be considered my favorite song ever. And second, I’ll explain what I would consider one of my favorite songs at the moment. People are always changing with the tides of their life. So a song that might have touched me three years ago may not be as impactful as a song I love to listen to now. I say all that to say, take these selections with a grain of salt. My answer could change as soon as tomorrow.

My favorite song right now is a song called, “My Success” by Vershon. It’s a carribean island type song that I just discovered in the past month hanging with my friend Jerome. But once I heard the song in his car, I knew it was special. It has a very island happy vibe and has inspiring tones throughout. It tells a story of a guy that is a hard worker and persistent to be successful. It starts, “All when a one dollar me a save off Work ’round the clock, me nah take no day off”. But rather than being wildly successful and rich he just has a few wins in life.

The song goes on to show how the guy is grateful for the small successes in his life. With catchy hooks like, “A me pay my owna bills dem Take care of mi owna children,” I see how small things can be big wins. It humbles me to think of someone who is grateful for the simple things like paying his own bills and feeding his children. I love the island vibes throughout the song and it makes me think of all the people back in Caribbean islands grateful for the small successes.

Now for my all time favorite song of all time, it would have to be “Love Yourz” by J. Cole. Again it’s hard picking just one favorite song but I’m proud to pick this song. It’s one of the most inspiring and humbling songs I’ve ever heard. I love songs with catchy hooks and that’s easy to bob back and forth to. But I find more value in songs that have a message that can inspire me and help me grow as a person. That’s exactly what “Love Yourz” is.

The song tells the story of J. Cole going from broke and desperate to being insanely successful. And I relate to that because I aspire to be successful and rich in life. I almost spend too much time focused on those things. J. Cole goes on to share how he learned that all the money, fame, and riches almost came at a detriment to him. He states that the true beauty in life is cherishing the things we have and the people we love. It took him years to learn this. I hope I can learn it now through the story he shared on J. Cole.

That is my all time favorite song right now. Everytime I listen to “Love Yourz” I get inspired all over again. The message and the story are so important. And I’m grateful for the growth and perspective I get from listening to that song all the time. I think everyone can learn something from it. That’s one of the reasons J. Cole is one of my all time favorite artists. I’ve learnt so much from his music and the stories he shares. And for those that prefer something catchy, “My Success” is a great song to bump. But no matter my songs, what’s your favorite song and why?

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