What is your favorite smell?

The human senses are powerful tools we have at our disposable. With just five senses we’re able to learn and analyze the world on a very deep level. Every man made thing we see today has been built with just those five senses gathering info. We use our eyes to see and understand what is going on around us. We use our ears to listen and hear the things happening in our vicinity. We use taste to understand which things might be good or bad for our body. We use touch to feel the tactileness of things and understand more about what they’re made of. And of course we use smell to taste things in more depth and understand what might be good or bad for us. Any one of the senses alone isn’t really that special. When you combine all five of those senses, you get the ultimate information gathering machine.

But of all the five it seems as though the sense of smell gets the least admiration. We often think of smell as a second cousin to taste that can be more annoying than helpful at times. We can gag just from smelling things that are rotten. And sometimes we lock our nose to eat things we know we otherwise wouldn’t be able to. But smell adds a lot of value at the same time. When we smell things that are good, we instantly get attracted to it. Great smells attract us, and make us interested in things we otherwise might have ignored. And smelling things is a quick and safe way we get info on whether or not we should taste or even touch something. There’s a lot of value in smelling things. And we should all be very grateful for the good smells we experience in life. For example, you can take the time to admire your favorite smell. So what is your favorite smell?

Here’s a short story on what my favorite smell is.

I usually spend a few minutes thinking about the question before I answer. It gives me time to think in depth and come up with a fair and honest answer. But for whatever reason I can’t seem to focus right now. My mind is running about a bunch of random things. I’m thinking about girls, life, business, health, and so much more. All of those things are clouding my judgment right now. I mean it’s pretty hard to think of a cute and novel smell you like when you’re thinking about the tons of work that needs to be done for your business. And right now that’s only half of the things that I’m thinking about. So for that reason, and maybe me just being lazy I’m going to share the thoughts that immediately come to mind. I know it might not be the best or most accurate answer. But it popped into my head for a reason. That’s all I can say. That being said, here’s a few smells, I enjoy.

The first smell is the smell of the ocean. I love the smell of ocean water, that’s just slightly infused into the air. I wouldn’t smell a bowl of ocean water all day long. But when I’m outside and I can smell the beach, it really does have a good effect. Even if I”m not at the beach at the moment, the smell of the beach is enough to make me start feeling good. The reason I like the smell of the beach so much is because I used to smell it all the time as a kid. We would spend almost every summer in Jamaica. And of course the island is full of amazing beaches everywhere you look. So the whole time I would smell the wonderful beach throughout the summer. That smell is connected to so many good memories driving packed in a bus through the island with my family. Now when I’m outside and it starts smelling like the beach I immediately go back to those good times.

The next smell is one that I haven’t smelled very often. But I know from the few times I’ve been in new cars, that it’s a very distinct smell. I like the smell of new cars. It’s something about knowing the car is fresh off the lot and has barely been touched. It makes me think that everything in the car is new and fresh. I think it’s more psychological than anything else. I smell a new car, and I immediately think the car is new. And it makes me subconsciously feel like the car itself is clean. That’s a great smell. And I know many people buy new cars where a used car would of been cheaper for that single smell. It’s a fresh, lemon scent that makes everything smell like brand new. They should bottle that scent and sell it in gas stations around the world. I know I’m not the only one that loves smelling a new car smell.

The next smell is one that I’ve always liked since I was a kid. It’s the smell of the greatest holiday of all time. Christmas. I love Christmas so so much. It’s such a great feeling that instantly uplifts your spirit. And it’s great to see so many people share the love by embracing the gift of giving. I know there’s a million different things that go into making Christmas really feel like Christmas. But I think most people undervalue the actual smell of Christmas. The lovely smell of gingerbread cookies in the oven with candy cane scents throughout the whole house. It really is a lovely smell on Christmas Eve and Christmas day. I can’t forget the sweet hot chocolate smell that roams throughout the halls all night. It’s not any single smell that makes it special. It’s the combination of all of those things creating the perfect smelling house. Altogether it creates the unique smell we all know as Christmas.

Those are the main smells that I really enjoy to smell. They are in no particular order. I just randomly thought of all of these things. They all have their own place at different times. Sometimes, new car smell is great but it’s probably not the best to smell in the middle of Christmas. It’s all relative at the end. Even smells have a time and place. Nobody wants to smell the ocean all the time when they’re in the city or something. It wouldn’t make too much sense. It might be nice. But it would feel a little out of place. So I love those smells but all in their own little way. I don’t want to smell any of them every single day. I would hate to smell Christmas every single day because then when Christmas comes around it wouldn’t be as special. I want to cherish that new car smell when I actually get a new car. It’s a part of the experience of getting a brand new car. If I get that scent in my used car, then I’m robbing myself of that experience.

It’s probably way too deep to think of smells like this. But like I said earlier, we often glance over smells. They are a special part of the human experience. When a woman smells a man and gets instantly attracted, there’s something to this smell thing. And of course, we often get better memory recall when we smell similar smells. It’s something we don’t often notice but it’s as simple as smelling the beach. When I smell the beach, I think of Jamaica as a kid. And that’s why that smell is so important to me. I want to forever remember those summers spent in Jamaica. And honestly, of the three smells, I would say that the beach is my favorite. It has so much more meaning than the Christmas or new car smell. I like them all but my childhood is attached to the smell of the ocean. So that’s my new official favorite smell.

Hopefully, I get to smell a real beach again sometime soon.

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