What is your favorite quote?

A picture is worth a thousand words. A video is worth who knows how much. And words are pretty much timeless. Words are a universally acceptable way to communicate with other humans. Of course there are many different languages that complicate the way we speak with others. But as long as we can translate the language, the words will always be useful. Majority of the knowledge that we have from history is from the words written to record the knowledge. The stories of the past would likely have been lost in time if the generations before us didn’t write them down. Pictures and videos are true luxuries but words are a true necessity.

In our time, many people don’t value written words as much. We’ve become a very visual kind of people. We like to see colors and shapes that pop off the screen. We like to see things in motion and animated to create story. That’s why all the most viral media online today seems to be visual. But there is one type of written media that seems to stand the test of time. There’s one kind of written media that captivates even our generation that loves visual media. It’s quotes. Everyone loves a good quote. A short, but meaningful quote can be more powerful than a 200-page book. Quotes are very easy to remember and are often stuck in our head once we say them. The most meaningful quotes to us are often remembered forever. We all have at least one. So what is your favorite quote?

Here’s my thoughts on my most favorite quote.

I love quotes. I’ve always had a thing for quotes. There’s something so surreal and special about a short sentence that holds deep meaning. It’s mind-boggling to think of how much depth you can put into a few words arranged in a certain order. Some quotes are fun and inspiring to hear. Other quotes are touching and will change your life forever when you hear them at the right moment. Quotes are so easily digestible that you can share them with ease. You can share a quote through text, a cool image, or at the end of dinner speech. Quotes are universally appreciated and impact everyone in their own unique ways. I love quotes for a million different reasons. Quotes have always spoken to me ever since I started reading. These days have a list on my phone dedicated to great quotes that I hear.

That being said, I have some really amazing quotes in my database. There are quotes that I have found reading a good book from an expert. Other quotes are small tidbits of knowledge that a friend would tell me and not even realize. Other times I just over hear a random stranger say something seemingly normal that really impacts me on a deep level. There’s all kinds of great quotes on my lists. So it’s not easy to pick just one. Actually, if I opened the list and read through them right now, I probably wouldn’t be able to pick just one. It would be such a hard decision that I would just choose to not choose. Actually, I’ve done that before and ended up not being able to choose a quote. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have a favorite quote. My favorite quote is so good, I memorized it. I don’t need a notepad to share the quote that I love above all others.

The quote that is my favorite of all time is a very simple one. My friend Enkose was talking to me on the phone one late night. And were having a deep conversation about life and other things. We were talking about our place in the universe and what our purpose in life is. We talked about what it means to have a destiny in life. And we pondered on if you can truly change a future that you were supposedly fated for. The conversation was a deep one that was surely not for the faint of heart. But halfway through the conversation, I realized how many golden nuggets of wisdom were being dropped. So I grabbed my phone and pulled out the notes app. I should of just recorded the whole conversation like I had done in previous instances. But instead I started writing all the quoteable phrases that I could remember.

There were some really good ones in there that I still have in my notes up to this day. But I remember one that really touched me deeply that night. Enkose said, “I want my choices to be a reflection of my hopes, not my fears.” The moment I heard it I stopped in my tracks. I had to think about it for a second before it really hit me. We all make choices in life. We’re forced to make choices to navigate through the world and progress. Some of those choices will be life-defining choices. You might have to choose between work and a relationship. You might have to choose which college to attend. You might have to choose the type of friends to hang out with. You might have to choose to do the right thing or stay silent. We can’t escape choice in this life.

But it isn’t the fact that we makes choices, it’s the way that we make them. Many of us make choices based on our fears. This includes me. I don’t want to get rejected so I’ll just apply to this college with a high acceptance rate. I don’t want to get laughed at for being a nerd so I’ll just hang out with the cool kids that never study. I don’t want to stand up and confront the bully so I’ll just sit back and say nothing. Fear drives a lot of us to make choices that we don’t always want to. And I realized in that moment that I make a lot of choices based on fear. I fear a lot of things in life just like others. And many of those fears are superficial and irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. That quote opened my eyes into a completely different way of living. I can choose to live based on hope rather than on fear.

So I wrote that quote down and never forgot it. I can’t verify the source of all the things said on that call. Maybe he got it from somewhere else. We were in such a deep conversation that things were just flowing. But I know the very first time I heard that quote was from Enkose’s mouth. And my whole perspective on life changed that night. I now make choices based on the things I hope to happen in my life. I don’t make choices based on my fears. I still take my fears and worst case scenarios into account. But my logic is no longer don’t lose, but rather try to win. And that’s a huge mental shift. I hope that all people can see the world this way. I want everyone to go for the things they aspire for rather than live a life in fear. It’s a whole new way of living and frankly the way we should of all been living from the beginning.

Thanks so much for sharing those raw, genuine, touching words with me that day Enkose.

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