What is your favorite place on Earth?

The Earth seems like a never ending plane with unlimited space. It doesn’t matter how many pictures and models of the Earth I see, there’s no real way for me to comprehend how huge it is. In my mind, I can walk and swim forever and never reach the end. That’s how many of our minds work when we deal with such insurmountable numbers or things. At some point our mind stops counting how big, long, or far away something is and we just round up to infinity. The problem is the Earth isn’t infinite. It might seem that way because we could never really visit every square inch of it in our lifetimes. But the truth is, the Earth is one giant ball with a finite amount of space on it. And that means there is a limit to the amount of places there are on Earth.

We will never see them all but there is only so many. The places that we do get to see or visit make a huge difference on us as people. Every place that we visit adds to the overall definition of what we see as Earth. The little cafe in the city that you love to visit on weekends is a concrete part of what makes this place Earth. The beach you went to as a child every summer is stuck in your mind as a part of Earth. It all adds up. And all those places make a difference in how you experience what we call Earth as well. If you’ve been to nothing but run down high crime places than maybe the world seems dark and cold. But if you spend six months of the year on a tropical island belly dancing at a luau then you might think the world is a fun place. Either way, we visit many places in our lifetimes and they all add up. That’s why travelling is so important in life. But with or without travelling we all have places that are our favorite. So what is your favorite place on Earth?

Here’s my thoughts on what is my favorite place on Earth.

I’m laughing to myself right now. I’ve been answering new questions for three hundred days straight and have been pretty fine. Now I’m here with what seems like a straightforward question and I’m stumped. I literally cannot put my finger on the exact answer to this question. I’ve been thinking for twenty minutes and have no real clear answer. I’ve been to a few great places in my lifetime. I haven’t been to all the places that I truly want to go to. But I’ve been to enough to have experienced some pretty cool things. The only problem is the part of favorite. Favorite is such a strong word. I could easily tell you all the places that I like or enjoy. But with choosing the task of picking a single favorite place on Earth, my mind goes into overdrive. It’s hard to pick just one. So for this answer I’m going to touch on all the different answers I brainstormed for this question. And hopefully by the end I’ll have a clear answer.

One place that I really love is Seattle. I’ve been to Seattle two times in my life now. One time was absolutely amazing while the other time was absolutely horrible. The first time I got to explore the city, check out some of the nature, and met great people. The second time I nearly died in a major Seattle hospital from type 2 heartblock. It was an intense experience for me both times. But even through all of the good and bad, I got a really good sense of what Seattle is like. And I loved everything that I saw. I know it can’t be perfect but there were so many things that I really enjoyed about it. There was lots of nature and great weather. I liked the fresh air and the friendly people. And even the hospital experience was top tier. I felt like I was in great hands with some of the world’s best doctors. I think Seattle is amazing.

Another place that I really like is Barnes and Nobles. This one doesn’t apply to one set specific location. There are Barnes and Nobles locations all around the world. I’ve been to my fair share of them. I visit a new one almost every time I go out of town. I love the energy and inspiration I get from being surrounded by knowledge. It’s so empowering when you realize there’s an infinite amount of knowledge and learning at the tip of your fingers. And most of that knowledge is from some the greatest minds in the world, past and present. That excites me just thinking about it. I always have a great time in Barnes and Nobles stores. That is truly one of my safe, and happy spaces.

The next place that I enjoy in the world is Jamaica. I’ve been to Jamaica too many times to count at this point. It is my motherland and I feel so at home there. Almost all my family is from Jamaica and I love to see many of them whenever I visit. It’s great to explore my culture and the roots of my ethnicity. I learn so much everytime I go to Jamaica. It’s not the easiest living but the people there always seem so happy. And of course, Jamaica is one of the number one travel destinations in the world. So of course that helps. I enjoy visiting the tourist attractions and living the life at the five star luxury resorts. That’s a great feeling when you’ve been stressing all year long about business, health, and relationships. The island saying is, “Jamaica, no problem!” and there really seems like no problems when I’m out enjoying the beautiful land of Jamaica.

Those are a few of the places that popped into my head. But if I was being honest none of those are my favorite place in the whole wide world. There is only one place that I confidently say is my most favorite place on Earth today. And that place is my mind. I enjoy being inside my mind. That is where all my thoughts, ideas, and learnings come from. It seems like a very boring and uneventful place to be. But my mind is it’s own little world treasure. The things that I think about are like none other. The observations I make are one in a million. And the makeup of my mind and how it view the world is truly one in billions. I love being inside my mind because that is how I experience and understand the world. I live inside my mind almost all the time. I could even argue that I’ve never gone a day without being inside my mind.

The person I am is mostly a result of all the things that happen inside my mind. It can be a dark place when I’m sad and depressed. But I’ve learned many tough life lessons through sadness. It can be a beautiful place when I’m inspired and motivated. And that has been number one reason I’ve garnered many of the results I currently have in life. My mind is not just a tool that I use. I am my mind. And I live inside my mind. And that’s one of my all time favorite places to be on Earth. But it doesn’t just stand with Earth. I can be anywhere in the universe and I’m sure I will always enjoy being inside my mind. If I can’t be inside my mind, my understanding of life and the world as we know it would be shattered. Everyone doesn’t enjoy being inside their mind all the time because it can make you antsy. But I’ve already spent twenty four years inside this supercomputer and I’ve learned to love the place.

Thank you Earth for all the amazing places and experiences. But thank you even more mind for giving me the capacity to appreciate it all.

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