What is your favorite fictional story? (novel, movie, fairytale, etc.)

People love stories. There’s something really captivating about hearing a story that is well crafted. Even the bad stories our friends tell us somehow keep our attention to a certain degree. But a good story is so much more powerful than just facts or lists. Some people like to read statistics and analyze data. But the majority of people could care less about hearing hard facts with a bunch of data on this or that. It’s just not interesting enough. And it usually doesn’t mean much to the listener. It’s kind of like the feeling you get when your math teacher starts teaching you some crazy formula on calculating with imaginary numbers and you immediately feel like it will never be relevant to your life. Stories are a different story.

Stories are so much more relevant to people. People feel and understand stories because we put ourselves in the shoes of the main character. When you experience an event from your point of view everything feels different. You can pick up on little subtleties or meanings withen the context of what happened. Now that simple recap of something is so much more. It becomes a story where you’re almost re-experiencing the whole thing as if you were there from the very beginning. That is why the best stories captivate all kinds of different audiences. We all find different meaning in the same story that is personal to us. And we’re told many different stories in life, but fictional stories seem to be very popular. When we experience stories of things that we could never truly imagine, it touches us differently than true life stories. So what is your favorite fictional story? (Novel, movie, fairytale, etc.)

Here’s my thoughts on what my favorite fictional story is.

I want to say I’m a sucker for a really good story but I can’t even do that. The truth is everyone is a sucker for a well crafted story. Even the most analytical, data-driven people will sit down with theirs ear perked to listen to a captivating story. I just love stories because I learn so much from them. While others may be getting excited or living through the adventures of others, I’m doing a completely different thing. I’m listening intently. I’m searching for underlying messages. I’m asking questions to deepen my understanding of the story. Stories are more than just a quick getaway into fantasyland for me. I love stories because they are a more engaging way to learn about the world around me. I don’t always go to stories but when I do it’s usually a very good one.

That said, there are many stories with great lessons within them. And I believe every good story has some type of underlying message. Some of us will miss them because we’re too busy laughing or on our phones. But others will be moved by them and find a way to incorporate that lesson into our lives going forward. The stories that I like usually have really powerful messages. It’s not always a super complicated lesson that only adults could understand. Great life lessons are usually universally applicable. That means you can go to someone that lives in a completely different country and timezone and they will appreciate it. That means you can tell a six year old that lesson and so long as they understand they will find some true value in it. There are lots of great stories like that.

But when I think to myself, there are only a few stories that I really like on that level. There’s the story of David and Goliath. I love that story because it speaks to me personally. The small boy walking up to a ruthless giant that slays anything in his path is already a great lesson. But that boy finding the courage to oppose the evil he sees no matter how big or daunting it may be is an amazing story. And just to find out that the boy finds a way no matter how narrow or implausible it seemed, to take the giant down. There are many times that I feel small and inferior to the challenges in my life. I think we all feel that way at times. We can’t always be the best. We won’t be prepared for every little problem. And sometimes the evil in front of us will be one thousand times more forceful than us. It’s in those moments that we can channel our inner David, and face that evil or challenge head on.

I love that story whether it’s fictional or not. There’s even stories like Rich Dad Poor Dad that really interest me. It’s really interesting to think of a kid that’s interested in becoming rich. I was always that kid. That’s pretty much the story of my life. I wanted to be rich and financially free since the age that I understood what money was. But the kid in Rich Dad Poor Dad didn’t have the parents with the knowledge he needed. He instead followed in the footsteps of his friends dad. And that would become the kid’s rich dad. The things he learned about assets, liabilities and building wealth would change his life forever. I learned those lessons about money and know I’m destined to be rich now. It’s not a matter of if but a matter of when. I didn’t have a rich dad that knew about wealth building but that book became my rich dad.

But of all the cool stories there are out there, there’s only one fictional story that I can say is my favorite right now. My favorite story right now is the story of Moana. I know it’s a pretty new story. But it’s a truly impactful story that is riddled with amazing lessons everyone can learn. It touched me seeing a little girl find her calling in life at a young age. But her family and traditions held her back from pursuing that calling. Not to mention, the journey to follow her calling was to embark out into the vast, treacherous ocean all on her own. But despite all the odds against her, she took a huge risk and made the push to follow her calling. It blew up in her face, but she didn’t look back. She found her way through the cold, dark ocean and became a stronger person because of it.

I relate to that story on so many levels. I’ve always felt like I’ve known my calling in life. I didn’t think I was meant for the traditional path of life. And all my parents, teachers, and friends were telling me different. I knew I wanted to embark on the journey of entrepreneurship. But it was a tough journey. Not many people come out better on the other side. Despite all the reasons to stay in my comfort zone I chose to take the gamble. It hasn’t been easy and I never expected it to be easy. But there’s something so freeing and beautiful about following what you believe is your true calling in life. I’ve followed that calling and I’m committed to stick with it. I might get blown back to the start line, but I won’t stop until I get to my destination. I love the movie Moana because it directly speaks to that scary but rewarding journey. Moana is my favorite fictional story.

I think making the jump to be an entrepreneur is the modern day Moana story. And if that’s so, I am MOANNAAAAA!

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