What is your earliest childhood memory?

Memories are like mementos for the noteworthy things we experience in life. Imagine living a life where any and everything we did was completely forgotten with hours. That’s a harsh reality to live in. And while we’ll probably forget the details of almost all our memories at some point, the vague bits and pieces of stories still have value. A lot of the value we get from doing bold or exciting things today is that we’ll be able to reminsce on them tomorrow.

But many times we don’t take the time to reminsce on our favorite memories. Life gets busy and hectic really fast. We’re always on fast-forward mode focusing on the present or near future. And then when we do start thinking back on memories, it’s usually all the recent ones. What about the old memories that go way back? We should cherish those as much as we can before they completely vanish one day. So what is your earliest childhood memory?

Here’s my earliest childhood memory and my thoughts on it.

There will never be a detailed consistent answer to my earliest childhood memory. If you ask me today, I’ll tell you one thing. If you ask me tomorrow, it will be a completely different memory. Nonetheless, it makes sense. The farther and older a memory is, the harder it becomes to access that memory. The mind is good about staying efficient and clearing up some memory for new exciting adventures. But if we think hard and deliberately sometimes we conjure up some great mementos.

It was just another normal day. I loved this house. It was big fancy and had an entire basement. I know it wasn’t my entire life, but for some reason it felt like my entire childhood was lived in this house. I watched porn for the first time in this house. I drank alcohol for the first time in this house. And I got rejected by my Valentine’s Day crush for the first time in this house. I guess we can call those good times. But today I was really young and just finished playing around outside. I headed inside the house and sat down in the kitchen.

It was a good day until I felt something creeping up on me. It was my worse fear as a child. Pain. Growing up with sickle cell disease was a struggle. I had so many limitations that my friends and family didn’t. And as a child it’s hard to comprehend that you’re a little less capable than everyone else. As such, I went just as crazy and hyper as my brother when we went out to play. The only difference was I had to deal with the onslaught of pain ten minutes later. And today was one of those prime examples.

My mom saw me crying and intense pain. So she got me some water, a warm blanket, and gave me some medicine. It was morphine in drops. I didn’t know what any of that medicine stuff was as a kid. I just know my mom puts one drop of liquid under my tongue and it tastes horrible. There was one thing that was off this time though. Instead of one drop, two had accidentally fell out the dropper. I don’t think my mom noticed and it just ended up soaking on my tongue like normal.

Thirty minutes later like a scene out of a movie things were very strange. My brother was running down the stairs. My sisters walking in the house from outside. My mom was cooking something in the kitchen. And my dad was watching a soccer game on the tv. I was sitting on the couch across from him glancing at the screen. Then the soccer game seemed to be glitching. All the players were walking instead of running with the ball. I look up and the fan is rotating in super slow motion.

I was stunned. Just as I looked back and saw my brother slowly running down the steps, everything sped up. And it was going in like double time. Everyone started moving fast and blurry almost like a timelapse. People were moving in and out the kitchen and living room blasting past me while I was still in normal speed. Then I looked up at the fan rotating and the whole room starts spinning. I was losing my mind. I wake up what felt like ten minutes later in my parents bed.

I was looking up in the sky and a huge ball the size of a SUV was dropping out the sky straight towards me. Just as the ball is landing I put my hands up catching it holding it up with all my strength. It’s heavy though. I get a close look at the orange pale ball and it’s made of hundreds of thousands of pills and medicine bottles. I was confused but the ball was getting heavier and heavier by the second. My arms are going to give out any second now. I start screaming for help. “Mom, Dad, help me! I can’t hold it anymore!” I faintly hear my mom saying, “Hold what?”

Just as I start saying, “The pills, it’s crushing me…” everything fades to black. I wake up the next morning in sweats and feeling like everything was absolutely real. When I ask my family about what happened the day before, everyone starts busting out laughing. “Help me. The pills…” they say jokingly. And til this day, I don’t know what exactly happened and what it meant. But it was without a doubt one of my earliest and most shocking memories of all time.

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