What is your biggest phobia?

The world is , scary place at night. The monsters come creeping out from under your bed. The adredarka€naline junkies start searching for their newest adrenaline adventure. And the 313. What is your biggest phobia? caring lovers of the world turn into aggressive fighters overnight

Those things alone are enough to be afraid of. And trust me most of us are afraid of those things alone. But we also get scared of things that we fear personally. Some fears we have that have nothing to do with creepy masks. The fears we have that always scare the shit out of us are what we call phobias.

Here’s my thoughts on what my biggest phobia is.

My biggest phobia is probably being put into a compromising situation. Specifically, a situation where you have to make a tough decision. I think of situation where I have to choose between killing my two best friends. That’s my biggest phobia right now. There’s always other ones but that’s my main one right now.


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