What is your biggest pet peeve?

Nobody in life is perfect. We all make mistakes at some point or another. As humans we learn to accept mistakes as part of the human experience. It’s actually a part of life itself. Every insect, bug, animal, and plant make mistakes sometimes. And we learn to live and learn in the face of those mistakes. Don’t expect perfection because your whole life you’ve been surrounded by imperfection.

But some mistakes are more dreadful than others. I hate when a fast food restaurant forgets to give me sauces. That’s pretty annoying. But there are mistakes and things that are just one hundred times worse. We call those things pet peeves. And we’ve all got a couple. It might take you some time to think of them but they’re somewhere inside your head. Sometimes it’s funny just thinking of your big pet peeves and why you hate them so much. So tell me, what is your biggest pet peeve?

Here’s my thoughts on what my biggest pet peeve is.

My biggest pet peeve is dealing with people that are socially unaware. Specifically, I hate having a conversation with someone and they do one of two things. They change the subject and point of the conversation multiple times while talking. This is pure agony especially when you’re having a debate about something. You can never get to the cowlre points of the debate because people are always venturing into twelve other points at the same time.

The second part is when that person will talk and talk and talk. They’ll go on a whole hour long rant trying to explain their point. Then as soon as you open your mouth, they cut you off and start talking again. That’s one of the most frustrating things to deal with when it comes to talking with others. And often, I give up on the whole conversation when I see those two habits show up. The conversation will ultimately be a waste of everyone’s time in the long run.

Thank you for listening before you speak. You know who you are. Everyone else… Get outta here! Lol

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