What is the simplest truth you can express in words?

Every single person in life is unique in hundreds of ways. This is just a part of being human and being an individual. But also a part of being human, is one commonality. We all go throughout life learning things here and there. Some things are breakthroughs and others are just simple truths.

I find that there’s something valuable about the simple truths. Everyone thinks the real value is in complex theories. But the gems are really in the simple truths that can be shared far and wide. We should look for more of these lessons and thoughts in life. I wonder though, what is the simplest truth expressed in words.

Here’s the simplest truth I can express in words and my thoughts.

The simplest truth I can express in words goes like so…

You are the center of your life.

This is probably a super simple and pretty basic truth. There’s not a lot special about learning what most people already know. But it’s true. You are the center of your life. Everything you do, think, and experience is from your perspective.

Think about that. You will only ever experience life from the perspective of your own two eyes. Nobody can tell you exactly what you experience or see. You can share thoughts and descriptions but it’s just that. Words trying to explain what it’s like seeing everything from the view of you, yourself.

On the same note, you can only ever try to understand how others experience the world. You can read a book or watch a documentary. But it’s just a guess or rough estimation of exactly what someone else sees or hears. You will never have that one hundred percent certainty of how someone experiences something.

We expect people to understand us. We expect people to do things for us. We expect people to think about us. We expect all these things. But the truth is, others are the center of their own life. So people are acting from their own unique angle.

Sometimes it’s fair to accept that you won’t agree with everyone. Sometimes won’t understand things the same as you. Most times people are doing things for themselves. They have a right to do things for themselves. It’s not selfish. It’s just natural. That’s the reality of how things work in people’s minds and lives.

We can only expect so much for people that can’t truly see things the way we do. The more we go throughout life trying to understand others, the better we do in interpersonal relations. The closer you get to understanding someones true perspective, the closer you guys become. But know, sometimes you will never see things the way others do.

At the end of the day, we are the center of our lives for a reason. We are the ones responsible for our own well beings. We should go out looking for our own happiness and success. We are the center meaning we do the best for ourselves and everything else orbits us. That’s the reality. And that’s the truth. It’s simple. But as humans we make it complex. That’s a simple and universal truth.

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