What is the number one solution to healing the world?

We live in a broken dysfunctional world. When you’re in the midst of everyday life, things may seem functional and efficient. Millions of people wake up on time to get ready for work. They all fall in an orderly line to drive back to back to their job in a streamlined manner. And everyone creates value in their own way for their company which drives progress in society. They all clock out to drive home and get some rest. Then we do it all over again for four more days. That sounds like a well oiled machine. But there’s so much inefficiency within that process. The traffic, underdelivered value, and millions of unemployed people are just a few examples. And that’s just one sector of life.

Life in general has many areas that are broken. And us the people who inhabit Earth, are broken ourselves. We have a lot of traumatic issues that are rarely dealt with. There’s an unprecedented amount of crime for no reason. There’s all kinds of war and destructive tactics being practiced around the world. There’s suicidal events more and more frequently from unnecessary stress. There’s a lot of unfair laws and systems that hold people back from their simple human rights. There’s all kinds of inequality in every human built system that hasn’t been adjusted. Nobody has the answer to all these problems but they are all connected in some way. If you were able to solve the true underlying problem you could effectively address them all in some manner. So what is the number one solution to healing the world?

Here’s my thoughts on the number one solution to healing the world.

The world is such a broken place it isn’t funny. Once upon a time I didn’t believe that was true. It wasn’t that I didn’t believe it was true but rather I turned a blind eye towards it. I was always the person that felt we would never be given more problems than we could bear. And I still believe that to be true. But wow did I never realize how much we could actually bear. Most people are never really pushed to their true limits in life. We’ll get really close at times but we can handle so much more than anyone realizes. I thought people spent way too much time complaining about problems rather than acting on them. There’s still a lot of people like that. But I know now that life can put you in a place where you feel completely helpless.

In the last two years, I’ve been in some really dark places. I was depressed on a whole different level than I’ve ever experienced before. It was hard just to wake up in the morning and go to the bathroom. I was over it all. There was no point in dealing with anyone or anything. It felt like it was game over for me. And in that moment I saw a side of myself that I’ve never seen before. I was no longer the super productive, ambitious dude who’s always getting things done. I was the kid that didn’t have the mental will power to take a shower in the morning. I was absolutely disgusted with myself. Not just because I smelled like I haven’t been showering, but because I was wasting my life. And that went on for two whole years. I can’t even confidently say that I’m out of that state. Either way I realized that we all go through tough times.

Some people are dealing with major depression because they can’t make a living. They’ve applied to every job listing and showed up to every career fair. But nobody calls them back and they can’t sustain their family working forty hours at McDonalds. There are people that just lost a close family member and are going through the motions. They are sad because they didn’t get to share special moments like marriage, graduation, or their first child with that family member. And all they can do is cry thinking about all the good memories they shared. There are people out there that have major anxiety every time they go outside to get groceries. The streets are riddled with gangs and violence. They just lost a friend in a random shooting. Now they’re torn between getting violent or isolating themself to cry it out.

There are people in toxic relationships that have given their all for their spouse. Five years later they’re taken for granted and they don’t feel appreciated. Or the girl who fell in love with the image of some guy. Turned out he was an aggresive guy who found satisfaction from being controlling. When he gets drunk he hits her and calls her derogatory names just to entertain himself. That’s the reality for a lot of people right now. Some people are dealing with abusive relationships while others are dealing with an unfair career system. I don’t know what everyone’s story is exactly. But I know we’re all going through something. There’s a lot of pain in this world. And many days it feels like there’s so much more pain to go around than joy. We can heal from the pain though.

I think the main thing we need to heal from all this pain is honesty. There’s so many people that are afraid to be honest. Some people are scared to be honest with others. Some are scared to be honest with themselves. The first step to healing any kind of pain or trauma is acceptance. We can’t accept anything if we aren’t honest about what is really going on. So we all need honesty. We don’t need a sugarcoated half truth. We need the bare truth in the rawest form possible. When we have the honest, bare truth in front of us, we equip ourselves with the information needed to solve any problem. Any house built on a foundation of lies, is bound to crumble eventually. You’re just setting yourself up for failure. Be honest about what that guy wants from you. Be honest about where you went wrong. Be honest about why you feel the way you do.

I think it will take centuries of work to heal the whole world. But no matter the strategy used to heal the world, it will have to start with honesty. Everyone needs the same information and it needs to be accurate. Everyone needs to know their emotions and they need to be their true emotions. Everyone needs to know how the other involved parties feel and it needs to be how they truly feel. That’s the foundation of a successful healing. We can heal the whole world with honesty. When you think about all the injustice and pain in the world, majority of it is spawned from lies. The deception we allow in our lives eventually hurts us. And sometimes it hurts the people we love more than it hurts us. Honesty is the solution to the years of pain we’ve dealt with. Honesty will hurt in the beginning but true healing starts after the burning.

I know we can all heal from the trials and tribulations of this world. The first step is to be open and honest.

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