What is the number one quality that makes someone a good leader?

We’re all leaders in some capacity. You may the most timid and shy person on Earth. But at some point in time, you have led someone else to do something that they might not have done without your leadership. Leadership isn’t always about being a loud obnoxious person that shouts out commands. Leaders can be reserved and calculated and get just as much done as an outgoing person. People have created images in their mind of what a leader really looks like. They imagine someone who stands straight and walks with a powerful force. And while those might be great traits of personal presence for a leader, it’s not a requirement. You can be a leader and not even know it at times. If people are inspired by you or follow your example then technically you’re a leader.

But that’s the problem. Most people don’t realized that they’re leaders in their life. The girl that shows up to work an hour early every day doesn’t realize that she’s a leading example for all her colleagues. The oldest sibling that graduates college with honors doesn’t realize they are leading their younger siblings down a great path. And even parents sometimes don’t realize that they lead all their kids through the twists and turns of life everyday. We’re all leaders but in different ways. We just have to look more at how we impact others and we will realize it. That said, the besy leaders aren’t just everybody. The best leaders have very specific qualities that make them better than the average leader. And you’ll know the best leaders when you come across them. And many of us believe we have come across one at some point. So what is the number one quality that makes someone a good leader?

Here’s my thoughts on what the number one quality is that makes someone a good leader.

There are a lot of important qualities that matter when it comes to being a good leader. The things that most people take for granted could very well be the difference between you being a good leader and a bad one. It could be as simple as the way you speak. If you don’t pronounce your words and no one can understand you then it’s pretty hard to lead people through anything. If you can’t communicate with someone it makes the job of leadership a hundred times more difficult. And that’s the reality of it. Leaders need a lot of qualities to be considered as one of the best. They can’t just be someone who gives out orders every single day. They have to be someone that can make sure that their orders are understood and seen through every day. That can be the difference between a tyrant and a leader. Nobody likes a tyrant.

One trait that makes a great leader is the ability to command people’s attention. That is a very powerful characteristic that isn’t easy to do. When a powerful person walks in a room the whole room feels it. And when they speak people hang on every word. That’s a feeling that many people will never experience in their life. The closest many of us come to that feeling is a successful public speaking attempt. But most people are too fearful of public speaking to ever try. The best leaders are actually often great public speakers. The best way to communicate with people in this day and age is through verbal communication. When you speak with someone face to face you can feel their energy and see their true expressions. The leaders that want to know what their followers truly feel, will speak to them face to face. And they will get the attention of ninety percent of the room.

Another trait that the best leaders have is transparency. When you’re given the responsibility of leading people you have a responsibility to keep those people informed. Information is key to a good leadership. Many times being a leader is completely composed of sharing and receiving information. But the information that a leader is given is often information that their followers need to know. And sometimes it’s information that the people are better off not knowing. But the best leaders don’t withhold information that is being seeked. If someone wants to know the true challenges they face, a great leader will express it openly. They won’t always share info with their people as they get it. But they will share it all eventually. That’s a true leader, someone who wants their followers to make the best decisions informed with the most accurate information.

But those are just attributes that are great to have as a leader. And you will often see the best leaders exhibit these traits. That’s one good sign you’re following someone who is competent and worthy to be followed. But it’s not the number one quality that is needed to be a good leader. The number one quality that good leaders possess is simply to be inspirational. It seems simple when you think about it but it’s not always the easiest feat. You have to get a group of people that sometimes have never known each other and align them on the same mission. It’s truly a wonder when you see someone who is truly inspirational in action. They can enter a room of people that are down and discouraged and leave it excited. It’s something is almost always needed to be the greatest leader you can be. If you can’t inspire the people, then why will they follow you?

The best leaders can inspire almost anyone to join their tribe. And that says a lot. Even the craziest of ambitions will seem like a sure decision when presented by a great leader. That makes the difference between an alright leader that loses people daily and a good leader that has a growing team. People aren’t quick to sacrifice their lives and dreams to join your journey. People have options of what they could be doing with their life and who they can choose to follow. Many people have the choice of being a leader and leading their own ships. But a good leader is able to convince those people to join his or her journey. And that’s special. You have to be able to inspire people about what the future holds. People want to feel like they are working on something special that will truly do good for the world.

The best leaders will have all their followers feeling like a vital piece of the pie. Without them, the whole operation will fail. And that’s how a true leader keeps their people inspired. They can explain their vision in great detail so that everyone can embody it. And they make their goals look closer and closer than ever before. They make everyone feel like they are always in reach of true success. And if people believe they can accomplish something, then they’re that much closer to accomplishing it. Because the truth is, believing you can do something is the first step in actually doing it. If you have a team behind you that have great doubts, it will show in their work. And if they lose confidence in you and your vision they will find a new vision to create. So the greatest and number one quality of a great leader is the ability to inspire others.

I hope to be a good leader one day.

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