What is the nicest thing someone has ever done for you?

The kindness in the world is a product of good people doing good things. There are all kinds of kind things people can do for one another. It would be kind to pay for your child’s college education. It would be kind to create a painting for your mom on Mother’s day. It would be kind to pay for a trip to Paris for you and your significant other. Those are all randomly selected ways people can be kind and there’s millions more like it.

But kindness is something that’s very simple in it’s nature. When good people do good things for no reason other than it’s what they want, true kindness emerges. And of course people do nice things for the wrong reasons all the time. But a true nice act could be as simple as hugging a homeless person on the street. And that one kind act will go on to affect you and many others in the world. So think, “What is the nicest thing someone has ever done for you?”

Here’s the nicest thing someone has ever done for me and my thoughts on it.

Niceness is very hard to make a judgment on. It’s just such a subjective concept when we really think about it. I can see you give a homeless person five bucks and think it’s kind. Then I can see someone else give a homeless person one hundred bucks and think it’s almost twenty times more kind. And that’s a reasonable thought. But what if I told you the guy who gave one hundred had one thousand bucks to his name while the other guy had ten bucks and gave five?

That would change things for sure. And that’s the reason that kindness is something that’s not very concrete. It’s a big task to pick one act that was the most kind of all others in your life. But if there is someone that could really figure out how kind an act was, it would be the person who received the kind gesture. So rather than sit and debate online about which donation was more kind, we should just ask the homeless guy himself. He’s the one who felt the kindness after all.

So when I say the nicest thing that someone’s done for me, don’t overthink it. Just know that I felt the gesture and it meant a lot to me. And after sitting in thought for a while many different things popped up in my mind. There was the time DeAsia payed for my first ever cruise to the Bahamas. It was special. There was the time my dad, Rotimi, sent me a couple hundred dollars when I was broke driving cross country for business. And there’s even the time my grandma sent me a care package with drink and snacks to my college dorm.

All those little gestures and many more meant a lot to me. But if I had to choose the nicest thing someone’s ever done for me, it would be what the Make A Wish Georgia team has done. It’s hard to explain in words all that they’ve done but I’ll try my best. When I was a young impressionable kid I thought the world screwed me over. I never asked for Sickle Cell Disease. And it was crippling to my life in so many ways. I couldn’t play sports. I couldn’t keep good grades. I was always hospitalized.

I used to ask “Why me?”. But when Make A Wish Georgia took the time to get to know me something inside me changed. They planned a one of kind trip to Portland, Oregon to bring my childhood wish to life. I got to meet an amazing, creative, and visionary CEO, Mark Parker. It was eye-opening, fun, and most importantly inspiring. I learned that I have so much more potential within than the mirror and hospital beds led me to believe.

When you see regular people sacrificing their time and energy almost daily to help young kids and adults, it gives life perspective. Everybody’s facing something. But with what we have now we could do so much for the person next to us. And that was so kind of them. But it wasn’t just them. In my life, friends like Dwayne, Brianna, DeAsia, Eilidh, Enkose, Kaya, Aleyah, Jessica, and so many more have touched me. Family like TK, Al, Auntie Sharon, NJ, of course Tassan, Auntie Cola, Kacey, Kelcey, Remi, JD, Alex, Shavaughn, and so many more have touched me. And people like my Mom, Mama, nurses, Boyd, Rotimi, and even strangers have helped me see my true potential.

And that really has been the kindest act of my whole life. The big and little gestures throughout that have inspired me to live to my fullest potential. Make-A-Wish and my mom gave me a seed of hope a few years back. All the people around me have helped that seed flourish into something special. To care about someone and give them hope despite their odds and flaws is truly kind. And I can say without a doubt, for someone with the struggles I’ve been given, that is simply the nicest thing that’s ever been done for me.

Love you all.

You know who you are.

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