What is the most valuable life lesson you learned from your parents?

There’s a lesson in almost every moment of our lives. When we make mistakes we can learn from them. When we get a small win here, there’s something we can take away from it. There’s a lessons in every corner of our lives. And the more we learn and understand the better we get at navigating throughout life. But we can learn a lot from the experiences of other people as well.

Parents in particular teach us so much as kids growing up. We learn things like how to walk and talk. And we even learn more indirect things like how to treat other people. Some people take what they learn from their parents and grow from it. Other people choose to adapt or change the learnings from their parents. Either way, we can’t deny that we learn a lot from our parents in this world. So what is the most valuable life lesson you learned from your parents?

Here’s the most valuable life lesson I learned from my parents and my thoughts on it.

There’s always a lot of things we learn from our parents. The good parents want nothing more than to see their children happy and successful in life. So it’s normal for parents to dispense a lot of wisdom to their kids. They can’t force to live a certain way as we grow older with more independence. But if they build genuine connections with us, we learn from the stories, morals, and lessons they teach over the years. And luckily we don’t have to learn everything the hard way.

So I’m glad for the things my parents have taught me over the years. It’s always great to hear real advice from people that genuinely want the best for you. And I can say that my parents have always wanted to see me happy and successful. So the lessons I’ve learned from them I truly value. I don’t take everything as true and fact but I know that it’s always worth the time to listen to my parents. This goes for my aunts, uncles, mom, dad, and grandparents alike.

But for the sake of brevity I’ll stick to advice from just my mom. If I went through the lessons from everyone we’d be here all day. That said, my mom has taught me so many valuable lessons throughout my life. And often she’s the only person I go to in my darkest hours of life. And to this day, my mom has been there for me and taught me so much in this short life. She’s taught me little things like, “You have to stick with the things you truly want to succeed.” That alone has been impactful in my life.

But the most valuable lesson I’ve learned from my mom is, “This too shall pass.” It’s a simple, short, and succinct quote. It’s nothing special or new. But it has been one of the most impactful sayings in my life. I’ve been through some very tough times as a kid and even now. When I would go through these challenges I would want to give up so much. And it would seem like too much to bear the tribulations I’ve been cursed with. But in those dark times my mom would say four simple words… This too shall pass.

And she would say those words all the time throughout my years of growing up. And there’s something so special and powerful about the phrase. No matter what you’re going through right now, it will pass. There’s going to be rough patches. There will be sad moments. There will be tragedies. But it won’t last forever. This too shall pass. And that’s what I live by these days. I don’t fear any evil because nothing in this life lasts forever.

It will all pass eventually. It’s the most important lesson my mom has taught me because of all the challenges thrown at me. I’ve been in and out of the dumps on the brink of self-destruction. And I know there are bigger and tougher problems that await me in the future. But there’s one phrase that will get me through it all, “This too shall pass.” I thank my mom for teaching me that invaluable lesson. And I can say without a doubt that to this day those four words have never been wrong.

Love you Mom.

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