What is the most spontaneous thing you’ve ever done?

They say variety is the spice to life. Maybe that’s why most people love friends that are spontanteous and adventurous. But not everyone is naturally spontanteous. There’s a lot of value in predictability and creating dependable routine in life. Everyone falls more on one side of the spectrum. It’s either you naturally love being adventurous or you fancy routine. But regardless of your natural inclination, being spontaneous is something we all value every once in a while.

We can learn to get out of our heads and enjoy life when we choose to be spontaneous. We often acquire amazing stories when we choose to go with the flow of an adventure. And it can be exciting and escaping just letting go of the everyday routine of life and jumping into a new reality. So we should cherish the moments of adventure we have and learn to be spontanteous at certain times. So tell me, what is the most spontaneous thing you’ve ever done?

Here’s a short story of the most spontaneous thing I’ve ever done.

It was a normal week of just playing games, working on business, and watching Youtube videos. I always found random videos that sparked my interest in science, social dynamics, and entrepreneurship. But something really piqued my interest when I came across a channel called Yes Theory where they were living life on the edge. The whole concept behind their channel was saying yes to every new and exciting opportunity. It intrigued my because back in the day I embodied that mentality with my bestfriends Dwayne and Enkose.

So I got engulfed in their channel watching video after video. They took blind dates on luxury trips to islands in the Bahamas. They started their own five star restaurant in the backyard of their house. They got a group of random strangers to go skinny dipping in the ocean with them. They snuck into hotels, pools, parties, and so much more. But the video that really blew my mind was when they snuck into the red carpet movie premiere of La La Land. It was insane seeing the level of detail and boldness it took to pull of such a crazy stunt.

I was obsessed. And that was the moment I knew I had to share it with Dwayne. He watched it and was just as impressed as I was. Then we started talking about how we could replicate the same exact thing in our city. But we were just talking big hyping ourselves up. And plus, there was no movie premieres happening in Atlanta any time soon. But then the next day we saw that Jay Z was having a concert for his reemerging 4:44 tour in Atlanta. And it was going to be that very night. Talk about last minute.

Dwayne and I juggled with the idea of going. We weren’t sure if it was a great idea doing a huge concert instead of a small movie gig. And it was way beyond last minute. But somehow in the span of a fifteen minute phone call we convinced each other to just go with it. I started looking up the details of the event and learning more about the venue and security. Dwayne got to designing some high quality VIP concert tickets on photoshop. And two hours later we were on our way not to the concert, but to Staples.

We picked up the laminated VIP tickets and threw them on some random lanyards we found laying around our house. We made it to the venue and saw the huge lines of people trying to get in. We had no idea what we were doing and we just slowly walked by everyone right through the front door. We thought we made it but we were only inside the building. The real security was straight ahead. We didn’t talk about our pitch and what our actual plan was. It was just too last minute to even discuss that. But we had to keep walking else we’d blow our cover walking in circles looking lost.

We try to walk past everyone but this time we’re stopped in our tracks by a security guard. They asked, “Where are you guys going?” And this was the make or break moment. We literally stood in silence for what felt like forever looking at each other for an answer. I’m not a great lier so the guilt was showing all over my face. But before they could kick us out I told the best bullshit story I could think of on the spot. I said, “Hey we’re trying to get through quickly our flight was delayed and we’re part of Vic Mensa’s team and we’re super late.” They looked us up and down, saw the bogus badges and escorted us through the whole security section straight to the concert floor.

It was an epic night. The performances were great, we met some cool people, and we pushed our boldness to the limit. I would consider it one of the most spontaneous things I’ve ever done. It was a night to remember and I know it won’t be the last. I’m not naturally spontaneous so I cherish the few moments like that where I choose to act first and think later. It could of ended bad but instead it was amazing. It’s not everyone’s idea of a great night but it was more fun with the adrenaline pumping through us. I won’t live a life always being reckless but I will be adventurous at times because fortune favors the bold.

Glad we could get back to the bold, Dwayne!

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