What is the most recent dream you remember having while sleeping?

Dreams are the lifeblood of imagination and creativity. We dream because we are imaginative by nature. The lives we live could almost never be as amazing as we could imagine it to be. Of course we could accomplish some truly amazing things in this lifetime. Some things we thought were never possible decades ago, is just the plights of normal life nowadays. Our minds might not always be able to envision the future exactly but the things we do imagine are always much more grand than life. Our dreams are just one of the many ways that our minds practice using our vivid imaginations. When’s the last time you remember having a dream about sitting in a bookstore reading for two hours long? Exactly.

Our dreams are often very outlandish, bold, and adventurous. And the dreams we have often say a lot about what is on our minds. Sometimes our dreams may speak to things that we aspire to happen. Other times our dreams may be something that we’re unconsciously brooding over in our minds. Many people interpret their dreams in different ways. But regardless of how you interpret your dreams, they all should hold some kind of significance to you. Your dreams are a direct result of your mind firing off in different ways while you sleep. So in many ways your dreams, are a direct thought of your own mind. It means something. You might not know the meaning right now but your dreams should always be cherished. So what is the most recent dream you remember having while sleeping?

Here’s a short story of the most recent dream I remember having while sleeping.

I don’t remember the most recent dream that I had while I was sleeping. I have dreams so often when I sleep at night these days. Some dreams are outlandish and I would never repeat out loud. Other dreams are very chill and don’t have anything too wild happening in them. I’ve written down some of the more memorable dreams I’ve had over the last few years. And some of them are really interesting stories that have a lot of symbolism. There are some dreams that were just pure fun and adventurous. But those dreams aren’t the most recent dreams that I’ve had. Actually those dreams are some of the oldest dreams that I remember. I was going to just share one of those dreams but as I was writing this paragraph I remember my last dream when I was sleeping.

I was in the middle of a city that I had never visited before. There was a big convention going on in the city for people interested in self-development and growth. That was always my kind of event. But it was also the type of event my two best friends would attend. Dwayne and Enkose were the main reason that I got into self-growth topics. We were young teenagers and we spent almost every summer in Barnes and Nobles reading as many books as we could. It was one of the greatest self-growth phases of my life. In the dream, it was all three of us in this city attending this highly renowned self-development event. We all were enjoying ourselves at the event. There were all kinds of high-quality people walking throughout the halls. And we learned so many interesting things throughout the day.

Towards the end of the event, we connected with a lot of the people that we met earlier. We got business cards from executives and CEO’s of many top companies. We met some people that were interested in the things we were working on in our own lives. And ultimately we left with a lot of valuable connections. We didn’t just learn a lot about business, marketing, and self-growth but about networking as well. We were exhausted at the end of the event and were heading out to find something to eat. We were in the middle of the city so we figured we would walk to a close restaurant and grab a quick bite to eat. But as we were walking out we met an interesting girl that had the biggest smile on her face. Her name was Robin. We took a minute to chat with her before we headed out for some food.

The conversation was about business and career opportunities we could share. She had a lot of great skills that she was telling us about. But the conversation kept going deeper and deeper into other subjects. Fifteen minutes later and we were talking about where she was from and where she got her accent. We all started having an awesome conversation between us three and her. And she was beautifully dressed in a pretty black dress. Her hair was long and wavy. There was no denying that she was a very attractive woman. After thirty minutes of talking about any and everything we told her we were going to grab some food. She decided to join us. So we all headed out of the building and started walking down the street. We didn’t know where we were going but we were just going with the flow.

From the little time spent interacting with her I started getting attracted to her personality. She was super positive and high-energy. And she had a really great sense of humour. She laughed at almost all my jokes. So I started trying to flirt with her as we walked and talked. I would tap her arm here or tease her for being so short there. But as I took a step back and observed the situation I could tell that both the other guys were attracted to her as well. They started trying to flirt with her as well. Dwayne gave her a hug here and started playing with her bracelets there. I think she liked him a little bit too. Actually I started to focusing a little more and she was actually laughing hard at all of our jokes. I wasn’t special in any way. Then Enkose stepped in and started flirting with her. He was doing better than me and Dwayne combined.

She started pushing him and grabbing his hand as they walked. There was no doubt that she liked him. Actually me and Dwayne just started falling back because we realized that she didn’t want us. They started walking ahead, flirting with hands locked in together. Dwayne and I just started laughing because we lost this battle. Eventually, Enkose and the girl went into a secluded location to chill. And me and Dwayne were going to just wait and be patient. But we got impatient and we decided to spy on them. We ended watching them do things that we definitely shouldn’t have saw. It was funny because they didn’t notice us spying on them. After a while me and Dwayne just snuck out and started cracking up. It was way more than we needed to see but nothing we haven’t seen from each other before. It was a really funny and interesting dream to say the least.

Sorry for the super weird dream guys. Don’t think about it too much. I have weird dreams lol.

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