What is the most insensitive thing a person can do?

Humans are social beings. It’s pretty much an inmate ability for us to work together. Even introverts who need lots of alone time do well working with others to accomplish big tasks. We all need each other in this weird cute way. And that forces us to get better at being good with people. At least it forces most people to.

But many times we do things that aren’t very people friendly either. Sometimes we get into physical fights. Sometimes we deceive the people that we love and care about. And sometimes we’re just plain insensitive to others. We have to be better about not being insensitive to the people we have to share this world with. If you know clearly what you feel is insensitive then you can do better to avoid acting that way. So what is the most insensitive thing a person can do?

Here’s my thoughts on what is the most insensitive thing a person can do.

There’s a lot of things someone can do to be insensitive to someone else. You can start by simply finding out what someone is truly sensitive about and then disregarding it. Imagine someone taking the time to explain what they truly feel vulnerable about. Then someone goes out of their way to make sure to exploit that thing. That’s a very horrible way to treat someone.

But that’s not the worst way you can be insensitive to someone. That’s definitely one of the worst. But there are some things that are much worst. It’s completely insensitive to take someone’s life. If you are that cold hearted to take away someone’s life then you are truly insensitive. It takes a whole different way of looking at people to be able to take away someone’s life. That’s much worst than exploiting someone and talking about the things they are vulnerable about.

But I think there’s something that’s even more insensitive than murder itself. It sounds like an outlandish idea but there are things that are more sinister than just taking away someone’s life. It’s wasting someone’s life. When you waste someone’s time you are essentially committing murder. But instead of taking someone out of their misery you are dragging it over years and years.

Time is one of the only assets that we all have the same amount of. And it seems like we have an almost infinite amount of time. But in reality our time is a finite resource. Our lives will come to an end eventually. We have to use the time we have to the best of our ability. And if you go out of your way to intentionally waste someone’s time you are saying that you don’t truly value their life.

Of course we’ll waste times sometimes accidentally. That happens. But it’s a whole different situation if you’re taking up someone’s time knowing that you plan on using it only for your benefit. That is a very selfish way of living. And it’s truly insensitive to the person who’s time you are wasting. We can’t always protect ourselves from people that are wasting our time. But we can be sure to decide that they aren’t worth our time.

It might seem like this is a drastic overstatement to say that wasting time is the most insensitive thing. But it’s really an insensitive thing to do with someone. The way I look at it is this. It’s evil to murder and intentionally take someone’s life away. But it’s unforgivable to torture someone for years on end. Then you just turn around and kill them anyway. Wasting someone’s time is equivalent to torture and dragging out their misery. That is time they will never get back and it could very well change their whole future. So try to be more empathetic rather than insensitive.

We can’t be perfect all the time. But we can choose empathy above insensitivity more often.

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