What is the most defining moment of your life thus far?

Everyone’s life is made up of hundreds of memorable events. We live and learn every day through the experiences we have. These events are the things that define who we are and how we think. But every now and then we have a life-defining moment. We experience a single moment that changes everything about our life.

We all have special moments that impact us for the rest of our lives. As we get older, we can look back and attribute part of who we are to these special moments. Most times we remember these moments forever, but it’s important to actively think about these moments. We should always remember the experiences that change us for the better and help others learn from it.

So here’s my most life defining moment thus far…

My most defining moment happened many years ago as a teen fresh out of highschool. I was granted the opportunity to meet Mark Parker the CEO of Nike. I was flown out to Portland, Oregon to visit the Nike campus. The experience was amazing touring the campus, and meeting different executives.

However, meeting Mark Parker for a few minutes truly changed my life. I spent a lot of time talking with Mr. Parker about business, Nike, and my struggles in life. When speaking with Mark Parker, he wrote a personal message to me telling me to always believe in my potential. This moment impacted me for years to come.

I learned that day that no matter what struggles or disadvantages I have, that there’s so much potential within me. I’ve since never sold myself short in any manner. I believe that I can accomplish anything I put my mind to. After spending years doubting myself and my skills, it meant a lot hearing someone believe in me.

Now I spend my time trying to help others find their true potential. Everyone has potential that they can realize. Everyone has the power to change the world for the better. I want everyone to find and seize that potential. I grew to see the world this way after meeting Mark Parker, amazing business executive and super creative person.

This is my most life defining moment to date. I hope that many more moments come to follow.

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