What is the meaning of ‘peace’ to you?

Peace is the crown jewel of a well balanced life. We can all relate to the feeling of being overwhelmed on a daily basis. We’re rushing through traffic to get to work on time. We stress over the food we eat and completing out new fancy diet. And we overthink all of our pressing problems and how they’ll ruin our life.

Peace is a blessing in the moments we can pause and just breathe. We all need a little more of it in our lives. But for some reason we don’t take much time to go cultivating peace. Maybe we just don’t know what exactly peace means to us. So now’s a good time to answer… What is the meaning of peace to you?

Here’s what peace means to me and my thoughts on it.

Peace to me is simply having balance. Life is full of so many different moving parts. There’s always one hundred and one different things going on in life. And we all struggle to keep life looking like a beautiful and one of a kind opportunity. Sometimes it looks like the circus trying to figure out their balancing act.

That’s what a lot of people’s lives look like at times. That’s the hard and sometimes sad part about how we live our lives. We overstuff our minds, schedules, and lives with too many random things. We’re trying to raise kids and be celebrities. And we also want to be entrepreneurs that are body builders.

There’s just too many different goals and things to worry about at any given moment. I hate that feeling. It feels like a waste of all my energy because it’s split between a hundred different things. And in the end I fail at almost all of them because I couldn’t focus. I think that’s how many lives look and they need some peace in it.

Peace to me is being able to have that balance and calm your mind. You don’t have to worry about twenty different things. You’re not trying to devote yourself to fifteen different goals. You balance the main things that are important in your life. And you are happy to cut off and create some more peace of mind in your life.

That’s the peace I think many people need right now. We need to let our mind and hearts be content with less. We don’t have to own three mansions and a yacht. We don’t have to have the perfect marriage and tv perfect kids. We don’t have to have the perfect body. We can let go of some of those things.

And the truth is we know it wasn’t that important to us anyway. Maybe we truly care about family but finances just felt like another thing we had to be good at. Let it go. Find peace and be content with a simpler and more authentic version of you. Find a balance with the things you do value. And don’t overextend who you are can create more chaos in your life. That’s what peace means to me.

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