What is the greatest peer pressure you’ve ever felt?

We’re born in this world as individuals with our own thoughts and feelings. And it’s a very freeing feeling to know we own the one life we’re given. Many people are born into toxic controlling situations where they don’t have this liberty. But for the many of us, we’re provided ample amount of autonomy and control over our lives. It’s beautiful.

But at the same time, we find that we don’t choose to live as complete individuals. There are many times we choose to be a part of a group or collective. And for individuals that feel lost, some of these friend groups or associates can provide a sense of belonging. The problem with bonding as a group is that we’re all susceptible to outside influences. And sometimes we can find ourselves pressured or swayed into doing something we don’t actually agree with. So what is the greatest peer pressure you’ve ever felt?

Here’s the greatest peer pressure I’ve ever felt and my thoughts on it.

In highschool teens are young, impressionable, and easily confused. I had just come back to Georgia after spending a year up north being the new kid at school. It was a lot harder to make friends but I didn’t mind because I was still close with my two best friends from Georgia. We are all very ambitious, creative, and lifelong learner’s. We just spent the last summer together learning as much as we could about game and picking up girls.

This year I was back in Georgia and I was going to highschool with one of my two best friends. It was awesome finally having someone that I knew well that I could almost always depend on. And because we were both into a lot of the same things, we spent almost all our free time in school just messing around in whatever we we’re currently learning. Seeing as this was right after the summer we spent learning game, things got crazy.

We spent all of our senior year just goofing around and trying to pick up girls. And it was shocking how much better we became. We were like flirt gods that new how to connect with pretty much and girl open-minded enough to talk to us. It was so much fun putting our new found skills to use. But there was one problem. We didn’t know what was next. As we learned more and more it became apparent what game was all about.

The goal wasn’t to flirt with girls you found cute. It wasn’t to make girls laugh or get their number. We found out the goal of game was that one adult activity called sex. It all led back to that goal. And the naive teens we were signed right up. Eventually we went from funny conversations to seeing girls at house parties to hanging out with girls alone at night. One late night we were hanging out with a girl we found very attractive. We all got to know her in different ways.

She liked us each individually for different reasons. We decided to have an overnight sleepover outside in the back of my house. It sounded fun in theory. But let’s just one thing led to another that night. And we all ended taking part in activity that we were way too young and inexperienced to be doing. I was close to getting fully involved but I stepped to the side and decided it wasn’t worth it to me.

But it was a very tempting situation. There were a lot of things pulling me back towards the girl but I pushed hard to stay level headed. It was a tough mental battle with a lot of forces pulling me. I later got myself in many similar situations and they didn’t all end the same way. I realized that one of my greatest peer pressures wasn’t from a specific person but rather society, media, and the nature of the male body peer pressuring me to sex.

What’s the greatest peer pressure you’ve ever felt?

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