What is the difference between falling in love and being in love?

What is love? Love is one of the strongest and most influential forces in the world. We can’t see love. We can’t hear love. We can’t touch it, smell it, or taste it. But somehow we’re all looking for more love in our lives. And the more love we get, the harder we fight and claw to keep it.

But there’s many different caveats to love. We can love friends, family, significant others, and strangers all differently. And that’s simply because love is flexible, expansive, and universal. It adds beauty to what can sometimes be a dull life. But what is the difference between falling in love, and being in love?

Here’s the difference in my mind and my thoughts on love.

The difference between falling in love and being in love is simple. One is a process and the other is somewhat of a destination. If you read the words you notice falling in love sounds like something you do. On the other hand, being in love sounds more like something you reach. But that’s the very literal meaning behind the phrases.

I think the real difference between being in love versus falling in love lies in the overall experience. Falling in love is such an exciting and pleasurable thing. We fall in love over time. We go on a date that was fun. We write a Valentine’s Day poem for the person. We talk on the phone all night long. We fall in love more as we get closer to that person.

However, we fall in love with all kinds of things. Sometimes we go to a movie and are taken on a rollercoaster of emotions. There are stimulating highs and draining lows. But overall, we fall in love with the movie before the end . That rollercoaster feeling is what happens when we fall in love. It may seem like a week or month but when we’re in that honeymoon phase time flies.

Then on the other hand we have being in love. Being in love is similar to falling in love. There’s still dates to a nice restaurant. There’s fun moments giggling during a pillow fight. And there’s simple nights up late watching weddings and proposal videos. But when we’re in love it’s a destination.

We reach a point of feeling forever bonded with someone. We reach a point of thinking and acting for us rather than for me. You become a unit and team before anything else. There’s an overall feeling of bliss and happiness in your life because you know you’re at a peak of giving love and receiving love from someone.

We can fall in love with things. But we can only be in love with another living thing. Something that can be that true unit. Someone that can and will give the love it receives. To be in love we must radiate love and be surrounded by love in all directions.

It’s a big difference between being in love and falling in love. Once you’ve experienced them both, you know. One is like meditating over many years, while the other is finally reaching nirvana.

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