What is something you have always wanted since you were a kid?

As kids we’re these walking balls of imagination. We go around touching everything trying to take it apart. We wonder about the world and how everything works. And we get excited for every little thing that looks like a little fun. It’s amazing to see the way our minds work as kids. We seem motivated by a completely different set of rules compared to when we’re adults. The things that we want are less ego based. Rather than trying to impress others with the things we have, we often just want things based on our true interest. We get intrigued by a certain toy or inspired by a certain story. As kids we’re one of the truest versions of ourselves that we will ever be.

But as kids we’re often unrealistic as well. We might want to visit the moon when we’re six years old not realizing how big of a task that truly is. It doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t aspire to visit the moon. It just means we might have to be more patient or strategic to achieve that goal. It’s the unrealistic nature of kids that leave us dreaming to reach the stars. The things that we want as kids can often be things that we won’t get in a long time. It might take years of dedicated effort to get some of the things we dream of having as kids. The problem is that we don’t stay focused and committed to get that thing. We usually end up just getting sucked into the life of a being an adult and forget about all the things that we wanted as kids. I think we can learn a lot from getting the things that we wanted as kids and it can inspire us. So what is something you have always wanted since you were a kid?

Here’s my thoughts on something that I’ve always wanted since I was a kid.

It’s hard to go back into the mind of the younger Tim. It’s been such a long time that it takes an hour of concetration just to get into that mindstate. And when I get there the things that I remember just feel like a far off memory. Everything is gray and faded with little to no details at all. The memories I do have of being a kid aren’t even usually my own. It’s more me trying to force myself to remember a story that my parents or family told me. That means I don’t even really remember it. I’m just taking my parents word for it. Hopefully, they’re not pulling some twisted prank where they have me telling fabricated stories for decades. I doubt many people’s parents would have the patience to pull that off. But that’s exactly how I feel telling a lot of stories from my childhood.

That’s why it felt almost impossible to think of what I really wanted as child. I couldn’t remember any of my thoughts as a child not to mention my desires. That doesn’t mean I don’t have anything. I do remember some things that stuck with me all the way through my adulthood. There were a few things that I will always remember because it was a big part of who I was. I remember as a kid always wanting to be a millionaire. There was something super special about the number one million. It seemed so impossible and amazing as child. I would think about how grand and insane it was to accumulate one million dollars. It doesn’t matter if it was in cash or zero’s on a bank statement. One million dollars was the biggest and most grand goal that I could achieve.

As a young kid, I knew that was a worthy goal to have it. One million dollars seemed so big and lofty that it kind of felt impossible. At the same time there were so many stories of other people accomplishing that milestone that I knew it was possible. It was the perfect balance of a big goal that was also super possible if I just kept my mind focused. So that was my goal as kid. I’ve always wanted one million dollars sitting in my bank account. I didn’t revolve my whole life around the goal as grew up. I knew that it was something would affect me in a negative way if I let it. Money was something that I knew was valuable but I didn’t want it to take control of my life. I had to be careful not to make every decision as a child and teen all based around money. I knew it might have seemed right at the moment but it wouldn’t be smart in the long run. So I’ve kept that goal in the back of my mind.

On the other hand, something I’ve always wanted as a kid was to be a superhero. I know I’m not alone in this one. We’ve all watched the Marvel movies on the big screen. We’ve all flipped through the dramatic comics wondering what it would really be like to be a superhero. We’ve all embodied our superhero character a little too much on Halloween. It was a far off dream that was always going to be out of reach. But it never stopped us from dreaming. We would think about it every time we watched a Marvel movie or played a superhero game. It was only fair to imagine what life would really be like as a superhero. I remember thinking it would be so cool to fly throughout the city at hundreds of miles an hour. I would never be stuck in trouble and I could help people at the blink of an eye.

It would be awesome to help the people that were in tough situations. The feeling of helping others is a very powerful feeling in and of itself. Many of us would be superhero’s for that reason alone. Helping our friends and family would be good enough reason to drop everything and protect your city. I was a kid that dreamed really hard about that fantasy. I wanted to be a superhero really bad. I didn’t know if I would be the best superhero but I knew I would embrace the role. It’s a lot of pressure being everybody’s savior. I didn’t want that kind of pressure. But there was just so much fun associated with the job as well. You would literally feel powerful because you had powers. And there would be little to no one in the world that could mess with you and your friends. I liked that story. I always wanted that as a kid.

I remember watching movies like Kickass and getting even more excited. It wasn’t the greatest superhero movie in terms of powers. But the thought of actually getting up and creating my own superhero identity really excited me. It was insane to think about dropping my normal life to get up and fight crime in the world. It was different than when I thought about being a superhero as a kid. Obviously I wouldn’t be able to fly or shoot webs out of my hand. But I would still be able to do some good for the world and inspire some hope in people. And I could actually do it in the life I was living in right now. I remember as a kid wanting to be a superhero really bad. I also remember wanting to be a millionaire as a kid. I think we’d all had some similar thoughts at some point in our life. I might not be able to be those exact things the way I envisioned them as a kid. But I can try to create those realities in some way in my life now.

Because I will never give up on the dreams of little Tim.

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