What is missing in your life?

We all know that nothing life is perfect. We as humans have many flaws hardwired into our very DNA. When we look in the mirror, we will always find some type of individual shortcoming. The people that we grow close to and fall in love with our imperfect. The things we build and design always have imperfections within them. The world as we know it is incomplete and nowhere near a perfect utopia. From the moment we’re born to the day we die we’re reminded that we’re all flawed. Things like corruption in organizations, faulty products, and a lack of basic human equality is a testament to our imperfection. At some point in time, we’ve learned to accept that life isn’t perfect.

But it doesn’t stop us from aspiring for greatness. We still look torwards perfection as the ultimate target. Our goals are never to find an okay lover. We search for our perfect match! We don’t want any job. We aspire to work at our perfect dream job. We want our kids to grow up perfect with the best of the best. And we hope to one day reach true success with the perfect lifestyle we see in the movies. But perfect can be a curse in disguise. With imperfection we will always have something to aspire to. There’s always growth and somewhere to spend time on improvement. With an imperfect world we can always search for what is missing and forever be moving forward. But you have to first know what is missing before you can go for it. So what is missing in your life?

Here’s a short story on what is missing in my life right now.

My mom tells me all the time that we grew up for a few years in New York. It was the Bronx area to be specific. I was born there so it made complete sense. But I could never remember anything from the time we lived there. I just know that we were there once upon a time. Then my mom and dad moved us down to the sunny state of Georgia. It was a huge difference in many ways. We were in Albany, Georgia to be exact. The weather was much warmer and enjoyable than up north. The people were a lot more southern which came with that southern hospitality. It was cool. But in Albany, we were a little isolated. We lived near a quaint little Winn Dixie grocery market. There was just nothing to do as kids. There was a huge backyard and driveway but no friends to play with. Everything was miles away.

Our parents did their best to keep us kids happy. They got us two awesome pet dogs and threw some cool parties with Barney himself showing up. We were grateful but we always felt like fish out of water in Albany. I remember another time my mom moved us back up north to Connecticut. It was Naugatuck, Connecticut to be exact. It was extremely cold up there. It seemed like it was much harsher and colder than even living in New York. But I could barely remember New York so I wouldn’t know. As a kid with sickle cell disease the weather often became problematic. I would get sick all too often. The snow and cold temperature gave me a lot of unexpected trips to Yale’s hospital. I often spent days inside wrapped up in blankets while watching others kid play together outside.

It wasn’t an ideal situation for me and my health. My siblings found more reasons to like it. Then I remember another time my mom moved us up from Georgia to Maryland. It was Bowie, Maryland to be exact. It was so much better with the weather. Of course it still got cold at times. But it was more manageable and nowhere near as harsh as the states more up north. Let’s just say I could actually step outside without being wrapped in two ski jackets, three blankets, and a pair of hand warmers. The only problem with Maryland was the isolation. I was in highschool at this time. And I already had two best friends back home in Georgia that I would die for. So I spent a lot of time depressed and wishing I could see my friends Dwayne and Enkose again. It was a sad, gray slumber zoning out to good music most day.

Maryland was a lot better than some of the other options but it still had major problems. But the time my parents moved us down to Georgia was a completely different experience. It was Atlanta, Georgia to be exact. It was so refreshing and exciting when we got there. We were in this nice big house that was in a newly opened neighborhood. There were a lot of neighbors with kids our age and my best friends lived like five minutes up the street. Actually, we went to the same church and school for a few years. That’s partly why we became such great lifelong friends. My whole family loved the schools in the area. We went outside to play basketball, tennis, and even skateboard many days. I started my journey learning videography at that house.

It started with me shooting sponsor me tapes for my little bro who was legendary at skateboarding. Then I started creating videos for any and everybody. Freelance videography ended up being my first unofficial income source years later. The hospitals and health options were great. The summers were hot and the winters were cool. I learned my first few magic tricks living at that house. I went on to study magic, cardistry, and poker while at that house. The whole environment was near perfect. The house was in a near perfect location with so many things to inspire us kids. It has been my favorite house that I’ve ever lived in to this day. After years of living in paradise we moved against all the kid’s wishes. But I will never forget the vigor and inspiration I woke up with everyday living in Water’s Edge.

Now I see what I’m missing in my life right now. I don’t have the right environment. I’m in my mom’s house in an okay neighborhood. But I’ve outgrown the house and the environment I’m in. I’m focused on business, personal growth, and improved health. The house feels cluttered and depressing most days. I can’t get my mind in the mood to be optimistic or productive here. It’s something I’ve been missing very strongly. It’s held me back from growth and even dragged me back over the last few years. I love the people and the idea of this place. But my environment and my goals don’t align right now. It’s counterproductive. I need the spark back in my life. Your environment influences so much of who you are. Like a kid in their dream home, I need to find my dream space. I’m missing my Meadow Point Drive type environment in my life.

And it’s crazy because now my best friend Dwayne lives in that exact house. Thanks Brother and Sister Walker for giving me back a little of my childhood happiness everytime you welcome me in your home! 🙂

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