What impact do you want to leave on the world?

Everybody has some type of purpose. We’re all brought on this earth to add value in some way. We can all impact the world in our own unique ways. Some people will have major impacts, while others will have a light impact. But everyone’s impact makes a difference. But what impact do we truly want to leave on the world?

Here’s the impact I hope to leave…

I hope to have an exponential positive impact on the world by helping others. I want to help other people reach their full potential. Everyone is currently a few decisions away from becoming the best version of themselves. We are also a few decisions from becoming the worst version of ourselves. I want to help people reach their optimal self.

When I help others reach their full potential they will ultimately find and fulfill their own purpose. I believe that I can positively impact the world by helping others find the power to impact the world. This is a hard task, but as I reach more people and teach them about their individual potential it will follow through.

The more people that I impact and help reach their full potential, the more people that will be impacted as a result. I believe that this is my true way to impact the world. I believe that I can add the most value to the world by helping others add value. There’s so much that people in the world can accomplish. I could spend my time trying to accomplish these things myself. But many minds and bodies will do more than just one mind alone.

There are so many people with lots of skill and talent that just don’t see it. They have the talent but they lack the confidence. They just need someone to teach them how to have that confidence within themselves. I can be that person. Some people even have the confidence, but lack the skills. I can teach those people how to develop those skills into professional level skills.

These are just some of the basic ways that I can impact the world. And as I fulfill that vision, more people will grow as individuals. They will then share what they learned with other people and as a result even more people will impact the world. It is truly an exponential cycle that will add tremendous amounts of value to the world.

We’re all here to do something. And we can all add value in different ways. This is just the way I hope to impact the world. I want to teach and inspire others to reach their full potential. You should find how you hope to impact the world because the first step to impacting the world is knowing how you plan to do it!

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