What have you read online recently that inspired you?

They say there is no friend as loyal as a good book. We learn so much in life from simply reading. We can read adventurous stories that put us on the edge of our seat. We can read a deeply touching memoir that brings us to tears. We can read an informative excerpt that inspires a new sense of understanding. The possibilities are limitless with the things we read.

But many of us stick just to books. We only read physical books of exciting stories or informational guides. We can get so much more from the things we read online. We can be inspired or immersed in the same exact way. We should read more online and be more thoughtful of the great things we find ourselves reading online. So today the question is, “What have you read online recently that inspired you?”

Here’s what I read recently that inspired me and my thoughts on it.

I’m always reading things online. I read news articles about current and trending events online. I read captions or posts from my friends and family online. I read blog posts from talented and creative writers online. But that’s not where I read some of my most inspiring content.

The place I read many inspiring and impactful words is on a social site called Quora. Quora is a new social media platform where everything revolves around questions and answers. People go and ask deep and interesting questions. Than the community of users will answer any and every question they feel qualified to answer. The thing is, many of these answers end up being very inspiring posts.

So the most recent inspiring post I read was an answer to the question, “If you can give me only one secret to improve myself, what would it be?” The answer I read was thoughtful, inspiring, and just generally a great read. The writer Flavian wrote not one secret but six. They all were very insightful and added a lot of value.

The first “secret” he wrote was that looks matter. Many people like to deny it but the world is much more receptive to attractive people and things. I’ve always turned my head to this idea. But Flavian compared looks to the way we quickly judge the aesthics of a car before checking the engine and stats. The sooner I learn to accept this, the sooner I can give myself an edge in life.

That point alone was inspiring enough but the next point Flavian wrote was the importance of communication skills. I knew communication skills were important, but I think we all highly undervalue them. The whole world relys heavily on communicating with other people. We can’t achieve anything noteworthy alone. The better we communicate, the deeper we open the minds of the people around us.

The next point he made has been on my mind days later. He exclaims that everyone should work to be extroverts. It sounds very simple-minded and ignorant. Introverts are very skillful and valuable players in life. But Flavian explains how introversion is nice but silence and shyness adds no value to other’s lives. And the sooner we can be extroverted, the sooner others hear, respect, and understand us as individuals.

As an introvert myself, that point really hit home. The next point I’ve embraced almost my whole life. He said that we should all aim to get rid of fear. Fear is soemthing that holds us back from immense amounts of growth. The most growth comes from facing our fears head on. And usually, it will lead be the path we seek to success. I live and breathe by this point.

Another powerful “secret” addressed in the answer was the importance of imagination. He spoke on how many people value knowledge and their overall intelligence very highly. But he reminded the readers of the famous Albert Einstein quote, “Imagination is better than knowledge.” It’s as simple as that. Imagination is the factor that usually leads to wild and creative ideas.

And the last point Flavian wrote was about people skills in general. He talked about the importance of being great with people. Almost everything in life you desire has been acquired by someone else before. The key to acquiring those things for yourself is not money, fame, or power but usually just being the person people want to give it to. That’s crazy!

That was the amazing, thought-provoking post Flavian shared on Quora. It opened my mind to many different powerful concepts. I’m grateful to have read such an inspiring piece of content. I love browsing Quora. And I’d encourage other people to see what great answers that site has produced over the years. What was your inspiring read online recently?

P.S.- And if you want to read the full post from Flavian in all it’s glory, click here.

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