What gives your life meaning?

The meaning of life, the universe, and everything. That’s the question we’re all searching for. Why are we here? What are the limits of the universe? What is everything around us for. There’s so many unanswered questions in life.

But I think we’re looking at the questions all wrong. We’re all individuals in this life. We’re a collective but unique individuals first. So it’s not what is the meaning of life in general. But rather, what’s the meaning of my life? And what gives my life meaning?

Here’s what gives my life meaning and my thoughts on it.

There’s a simple thing that gives my life meaning. It’s not falling in love. It’s not being a multimillionaire. It’s not taking down the government. None of these could give my life as much meaning as this simple word. It’s called potential.

I live and breathe by this word. Everything I do and want in life is because of this word. I know it sounds like an overstatement, but I assure you it’s not. I love potential. Everything around us has some type of potential. No matter how bad something seems, it can always get better. No matter how broke you are, you can get a little richer.

This potential in life, I see every day of my life. Everywhere I look, I see potential. When I see my friend trying to lose weight, I know there’s potential there. When my sisters talking about starting a Youtube channel, I know there’s tremendous potential there. When I aspire to build a big business, I know there’s enormous potential there.

And all this potential I’m surrounded by gives me hope. How discouraging would it be knowing we’re stuck in situation for the rest of our lives. Well potential forever kills that thought and gives everyone around the world some kind of hope. Even if it’s a raindrop’s worth of hope.

Furthermore, potential is inspiring and motivating. I love to hear stories about people that capitalize on their potential. Every successful person we know had potential and were moved to seize that potential. That’s why we all love the story of the underdog practicing and training for months just to reach their full potential and win it all. This motivates me to aim for my full potential.

As a result, I look forward to growth in the areas I suck in. It’s okay not to be perfect in my world. It’s perfectly fine to be a few pounds overweight. It’s okay to be unemployed for some time. As long as there’s room to grow and you plan to take action on it. Then you will be fine.

I love thinking of how great of a relationship I can build one day. I love thinking about the amazing businesses I’ll create and the value they’ll bring the world. I love thinking about how much more in shape I’ll be when I get my diet right. And not just thinking, I take small baby steps on these things.

Each and every day I move closer to reaching my full potential. This gives my life true meaning. I find that I will have hope and motivation through anything with potential there. And life can throw some hard situations at you. The things we love can disappear at any moment. And we’re just left at the beginning with nothing but ourselves and the potential all around us.

So no matter what gives you meaning just remember… There’s no perfect so there will always be more potential.

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