What gets you excited about life?

Life is a rollercoaster ride. Things start off slow and steady. Then out of nowhere you get taken on the wildest ride of your life. There are a lot of low points where you think it’s all over. But then you’re brought up to a high point where you can see the beauty in the whole experience. It’s hard to deal with all the highs and lows playing with your emotions. So we do our best to avoid all the lows and focus on the highs. The problem is life needs lows and highs to be a balanced experience. With only highs we’d lose our sense of joy. With only lows we’d lose the motivation to keep going. We’re bound to experience both because it’s a part of the human experience.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t find ways to get out of the lows quicker. We’re going to have hard times but they don’t have to last a millenium. Sometimes we can find things in life that instantly get us in a good mood. Most people have that one thing that excites them about life no matter the situation. They could be depressed and sad for a week, but when they focus on that one thing they will be energized and happy. Those things that excite us through the good and bad are often the things that we’re meant to do. We should spend more energy on the things that truly excite us. So what gets you excited about life?

Here’s my thoughts on what gets me excited about life.

I’m not the easiest to get excited. My demeanor is almost always at a cool, calm, collected state. I’m often thinking about complex ideas and plans in my head. And many people would say that I have what they call a “resting bitch face”. I can’t deny that. I can’t control my facial expressions when I’m in deep thought about something. That’s one of the reasons people think I’m never happy about things. But it’s more than just happy. It takes a lot to get me to cry or look sad. It takes a lot for me to look shocked or surprised. It takes a lot for me to look happy and excited. I literally have recent pictures from Disney World where I look thoroughly unimpressed.

In reality, I do get impressed and excited about things every once in awhile. The difference is I’m not jumping up and down excited for every little thing. If I’m really not that impressed, then you can expect a really not that impressed face. If I’m really not that sad, then you can expect a really not that sad face. And if I’m really not that surprised, nine times out of ten you can expect an “I saw this coming from a million miles away” face. That’s how my mind, body, and face work. We often show my true feelings and thoughts blatantly on my face. So when you see me walking around with a straight face, it’s not because I’m mad at someone. It’s just too much energy to walk around with a permanent smile lol.

There are few things that truly get me excited. One of the things that get me really excited about life is business. I have a real passion for all things business. There’s something so fun and interesting about trying to create something that people will pay for. And then once they pay for it, you’re trying to impact as many people as possible with that business or product. And before you know it, the silly little idea you wrote down on the back of napkin is a full blown business. And that business ends up taking on an entire life of it’s own. That’s really attractive to me. I want to work on something that can becoming big and impactful to the world. That will always get me motivated.

Another thing that excites me about life is the challenge. I don’t like playing games for the sake of playing them. I like to challenge myself in almost anything I do. I want to be getting better each and every time I attempt something. If I’m not improving then I’m deteriorating. And I don’t want to go backwards. I need to keep my mind focused on getting better in every way that I can. And the best way for me to get better and improve is to keep taking on challenges. If something is easy and has a clear cut solution then I won’t be engaged. I care more about the challenge rather than always being the winner. Nobody wants to win a game there was no chance they’d lose. For me I get excited by all the great challenges ahead of me that will force me to ascend to greater things.

The last thing I’ll list that excites me about life, is accomplishing goals. I don’t set a million and one goals that I know I will never accomplish. I set goals that are realistic but still very ambitious. And when I set those goals I make sure that it’s something that’s really important to me. What’s the point in achieving goals in areas of life that you don’t really care about? I hate working towards accomplishments that I could care less about. That’s part of the reason I stopped pursuing a college degree. I want to accomplish different goals than the average person. But I get excited I think of accomplishing those goals. I get excited because I know I will be really happy once I achieve them.

I also know that most of my life goals are set in a way where it will drastically change my life. I get discouraged and fed up with life all the time. It happens to the best of us. There’s so many things going against when we really take the time to tally it up. But on the same note, there are many things that are going for us. And we have to remind ourselves of the things that motivate us in life. If we can’t remember our family, friends, or personal dreams sometimes we just have to find our old excitement. A little excitement can go a long way. That’s why I’ll remember to focus on business, embrace challenges, and aspire to accomplish more whenever I need to get excited.

I’m excited to know that people like you would even read the things I write. So thank you for reading 🙂 .

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