What experience from this past year do you appreciate the most?

There’s so much to learn in life. The books, videos, and articles with knowledge are limitless. Imagine how much you’d learn if you read every single book on Earth. Or maybe you’d become a genius after watching every single video on Youtube. Okay that one’s a stretch with all the nonsense on Youtube these days. But you get the point. There’s so much to consume and learn from on Earth. It makes sense that we’re always growing as individuals. And of course as a human race we progress quickly over the years. That’s a product of information being democratized and easily accessible. It’s amazing.

But we don’t only learn from books, videos, and articles. We learn a lot from other things in life as well. Of course people share knowledge and stories with each other. That adds a lot to what we learn in life. But there’s one thing many people take for granted when it comes to learning. Experiences. Experiences are a huge asset when it comes to learning and building a model of how the world works. We can think and theorize about hundreds of things and the millions of possibilities there are. That will never give you the same knowledge that getting up and trying it will. And that’s why one of the best way to learn things in life is by experiencing them. So what experience from this past year do you appreciate the most?

Here’s a short story on what experience from this past year I appreciate the most.

There have been a lot of good and bad experiences this year. As recent as a day ago, I just “broke up” with my ex girlfriend again. It was a horrible experience but at the same time I learned so much. And no matter how much I push for my space I learn more and more the secrets to her heart. In those moments I think of how much I love her but I know I’m hurting her. And it makes realize that sometimes in life we have to do hard things for the people we love. I know it’ll all be good in the end. That’s a huge experience that happened just a few days ago. Now I have to take that and think of all the other experiences for the other two hundred plus days. There’s too many powerful experiences to count.

But there is a moment I do remember. It was early January of this year. I was completely in a zombie state. I was nothing like myself. And I felt trapped at the time. I was in a toxic and unhealthy loop. I didn’t want to do anything but sit in bed and watch Youtube videos all day long. And I don’t mean for an hour or two. I mean all day long. I would grab my phone and find dinner to be delivered off an app. I would drink water from my mini fridge beside me. And I would sit and watch all day long. But it was a new year. Everybody has new years resolutions. I try not to make new year resolutions. Rather, I decide on habits I want to create in general. If it’s around the new year or any other time then so be it. The first of January passed.

I set no goals. I watched Youtube all day long. The third of January passed. I still stayed home not going anywhere. I was stuck in this toxic loop. Then the tenth of January came around. I had an interesting idea that day laying in bed. I’m intriguing person but I never share it. I have so many crazy, interesting thoughts but I lock them all up. I want to share my thoughts with not only others but more importantly myself. So I decided it would be cool to answer questions. It’s what I was best at. I could answer any question but I rarely just speak. So to get my thoughts out I would answer questions. I made one short post on Instagram saying I wanted to try something new. I was going to answer one new question every day this year.

It seemed like a simple project that night. I found a question on the internet and just answered it quickly on Instagram. But instagram didn’t give me enough time to really elaborate. So I decided to write my answer as well. I made a section on my site for questions and I answered it in a lengthy post on there. It felt good. It was fun. But the next day. I had to find a random question. And the next day I had to answer a question in full writing on my site. And before you know it I was writing a full answer to the question every single day. I would also post a short answer on Instagram everyday as well. It got harder and harder. But eventually I found my groove. I started answering one new question every single day.

It felt like a lot more work than it actually was. It was easy answering the question. It was hard getting all my thoughts out clearly. I had to practice that. But ultimately I got better and better. Now I’m here and I can push out a full length post to an answer in almost a half hour. And I enjoy it a lot. It has been a crazy experience all in all. When I was depressed and going through withdrawal I didn’t want to write anything but a suicide note. But I pushed myself to get up and do it. When I was on month break from life, I still took the time to write every day. When I went to Jamaica on vacation for two weeks, I made the time to write out full answers every day. And even now going through what feels like heartbreak with someone I love deeply, I’m here writing.

It has been the best experience of this year by far. I’ve learned so much about myself spending all this time writing my thoughts. I’ve shared so many crazy stories right here in these very paragraphs. And I’ve gotten significantly better at writing, storytelling, and introspection throughout these posts. Every question has tickled my mind in a different way. And they all gave me a unique opportunity to share my life story and what goes on in my mind. If I never answered these questions, I would of likely died with all these thoughts right here in my mind. And while I know all my wild and crazy thoughts could ever be transcribed, I’m just glad I got to share anything at all.

I appreciate the moments of introspection and of course, you for taking the time to even read it. Thank you.

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