What does love feel like?

We’re all searching for love in some area of our lives. We want love from our family. We want love from our friends. We want love from our significant other. And most overlooked is the love we want from ourselves. Love is an important part of our lives in many ways. It’s rare that someone has true love in all these areas and more. The people that have found love in all these areas spend their whole lives trying to keep that love alive and thriving.

If love wasn’t such a big deal, we wouldn’t spend so much time and energy trying to cultivate it. And many times when we’re in the lowest points of life, love is the thing we want the most. The hard part of love is finding and identifying it. Sometimes we experience that true love early in life just to give it up for lust, fame, or fortune. Then years later, we wish we knew that we had love right in front of us. So it’s important to be clear on what you expect from love in your life. Ask yourself, “What does love truly feel like?”

Here’s what I think love feels like and my thoughts on it.

Love is one of those things that is abstract in nature but has a very concrete effect in the real world. The lengths that people go to find love is unrivaled to anything else in life. And many people will go to even further lengths to keep the real love they find. It can be so rare to find true love so when you do it’s like finding a cave full of treasure. But it’s sad when we have that love in front of us and we take it for granted. Many people fall subject to this experience. How can we capture something we can’t see or touch?

The answer is you have to feel it. And that’s something that changes from person to person. But the only way to identify true love is based off the feeling and the feelings alone. It’s easy for some people to know when they feel truly loved. If you’ve been dealing with facades and fake love your whole life, it’s a clear difference when something real steps in. And there’s the people that wouldn’t know love if it smacked them on the forehead. I’m in the second group.

I’ve never been keen to expressing my emotions. And because I barely express my own emotions, it’s a real challenge deciphering other’s emotions and feelings. But nonetheless, in my short time on earth I think I’ve experienced true love in a way. I don’t know if I’ve exactly felt true love myself but I know that I’ve reached the level of true love for other people in my life. So while I might not feel true love around me right now, I still have a strong feeling of what true love feels like.

True love feels like two simple words… Understanding and acceptance. The word love can be broken down into many different words and feelings. But I’ve learned that love in this world should contain two things. Understanding. We should understand the people and things we love. When we understand others we can empathize with them. And that’s a big part of love. When you look into someone else’s eyes and you see the hurt, pain, and struggle they feel it’s really eye-opening.

Many people go through this world without ever truly being understood as a humanbeing. We’re all so caught up in our own world that’s filled with our own problems. So when we come across someone or something that takes the time to truly understand us, it’s special. Nothing can get us closer than understanding how we think, feel, and percieve the world. It’s one of the key ingredients to love. Understand my thoughts and beliefs and I’ll be open to understand yours. That is love.

But the other part that is just as important is acceptance. Acceptance is the follow up to understanding. Just because I understand that you love your family doesn’t mean I accept it. And that’s a barrier to love. We must first understand each other. And then we must learn to accept each other. I struggle with this part often. Even though I want my friends and family to progress to their best selves, I’ve learned to accept them for who they truly are. Whether they succeed or fail, I accept everything about you.

Love is these two things. When we understand and accept someone we truly love them. And these things seem easy on paper but it’s a complex process. We can’t accept someone without understanding them. And it’s tougher to accept people when we understand all their flaws and shortcomings. But when we let go of pride, ego, and expectation to connect with something on a deeper level it leads to true understanding and acceptance. And the only thing that can follow is true love. What does love feel like to you?

Love you :).

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