What does it mean to allow another person to truly love you?

Life is a long, hard, and lonely road. We’re thrown into so many difficult obstacles from the moment we’re born. We don’t have a clue about where we’re going or why we’re here. It can really be a deep dark hole when you think about the evils of life. But there’s one thing that helps in an unbelievable way.

Love. Love is the silver lining of living in a cold dark world. It can inspire and motivate us. It can touch us on the deepest level. And it truly brightens the world for all that experience it. To love and be loved is truly a blessing. We’re all pretty much naturals and loving others. But what does it really mean to allow another person to truly love you?

Here’s what it means to be loved and my thoughts on it.

Loving someone is easy, simple and comes naturally. We think about that person or thing. We protect that person or thing from all harm. And we do our best to make that person or thing happy and fulfilled. That’s how we as humans love others. But being loved is a whole different ball game.

To be loved is a simple but complex thing. To truly be loved we must learn to be open. That is the reality of being loved. We must open up on another level that is rarely done. We must be transparent, honest, and respectful. We must be grateful.

When love comes our way in life some people are happy. But some people are superficial and find themselves gaming the system. They take that love and keep it to themself. They take that love and try to take advantage of the person giving it. They’re not being open and honest but rather closed and deceptive.

We’ve all seen it. The guy that tries to sleep with girls for sexual pleasure. All the while, the girl is pouring her heart out to that guy. Or maybe the guy that has never truly been loved. But there’s a girl stringing him along to get financial gains and riches. It’s sad but true. That’s not truly being loved.

Truly being loved is taking the time to let go of your walls. You have to let that person see you for who you truly are. They should be able to love all of you. They must know the good, the bad, and the ugly. Love is not a business deal. It’s all or nothing. And if you can’t put all of you on display, you aren’t allowing love to be whole and unconditional.

We should love fully. But we should allow ourselves to be loved fully. If someone only knows the best of us, they only love the best of us. That’s not true love. When you allow someone to understand who you are in your core, you can truly be loved. That’s the beauty of life. To love and be loved.

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