What do you wish you spent more time doing five years ago?

Time is one of those things that we appreciate more as we get older. When we’re young we think time is the infinite resource that will always be at our fingertips. We could care less about wasting a whole day playing with legos or running around in the backyard. What else would a ten year old child be doing all day? But when we get older that entire mentality changes. We often have so many different things to get done that it feels like there’s never enough time in the day. You want to go to the gym, you have to go to work, you want to clean your room, you want to go out with the girls, you need to check up on the family, and you want to take a moment to read a good book in the jacuzzi. The older you is searching for time in every nook and cranny.

As we get older the value of time increases exponentially. At some point we realize that time is a very finite resource for human beings. We only have a certain amount of days, hours, and minutes before we spend our last one. It it’s at that point that we often try to be better at how we use our time. We read books and guides on maximizing our productivity trying to find any little advantage we can. But we also start taking the time to think of how wasteful we were in the past. Many people would do things very differently if they were given a few years back to relive. Our lives could be very different if spend our time wisely from a young age. You should think about that often to be more strategic now. So what do you wish you spent more time doing five years ago?

Here’s my thoughts on what I wish I spent more time doing five years ago.

Five years ago I was nineteen years old. I know without a doubt I was being a complete goofball back then. Some of the things I spent a lot of time doing were completely pointless. I remember spending a lot of time playing video games as a teen. And I wasn’t really trying to become a pro or anything. I just wanted to be the best in my personal peer group. If I ever needed to bet some money on a game of Call of Duty, I wanted to feel confident that I was the safe bet. And it’s safe to say I reached that goal a long time ago. But now I have nothing to really show for it. I’m great at video games but I find myself wanting to play games less and less as I get older. That’s really weird to think about. I put years into a game that I was just eventually going to let go of.

But that’s just one of many things that I was doing when I was nineteen years old. This isn’t going to be about all the things I shouldn’t have been doing. That would be a pretty long answer. Instead I’ll focus on the things that I wish I was doing back then. One of those things that I wish was doing was reading more. I was definitely interested in books but I had a bad way of approaching it. I never finished the books I started. I would start a book and forget all about it halfway through. It was really unproductive. Now I’m focused on finishing the books that I start. I wish back then I read books from cover to cover. There were so many great books underneath my desk. I think I would of learned a lot of valuable knowledge if I took reading more seriously.

Another thing that I wish I was doing back five years ago is learning how to make money online. Online businesses are a huge thing these days. There are many examples of teen millionaires that have made it big using online business. I was nowhere in that category back then. I’m really big on online business now. But back then, I could of made a killing if I spent time learning about digital marketing and how to sell a digital product. There’s still time to learn and master those things now. It just would of been very beneficial if I learned it when I was much younger. Five years of experience in the online business world will surely make you a multimillionaire. It would essentially be a matter of time.

I also wish I spent more time learning about health and diet. I was never big on diet. My body was always in pretty good shape. I never had a problem with staying in shape. But little did I know that there’s more to health than just looking pretty good. I would look healthy but be in and out of hospitals on a monthly basis. It’s insane just to think about it. I thought a lot of my health was completely out of my control. Now I know that I have a lot more control than I could ever know. It was as simple as eating more salads and fresh fruit. I could of put down the cookies, chips, and processed foods I was eating all the time. And of course, I could of chose to drink water before juice, Gatorade, and soda everyday. I would of loved to be doing that five years ago because it would surely have improved my health.

The last thing that I would of loved to be doing from five years ago, is invest. Investing is something that gets more effective with the more time you have available. I knew investing was important but I never made it a priority in my life. I always thought I would be able to learn how to invest later on in life. I didn’t have a real income stream so there was no point in learning to invest. But the truth is you don’t have to be an adult or have a steady job to be a healthy investor. I could of made one or two simple investments five years ago. If I invested in something like Netflix, I would of made many multiples of my initial investment. I know now that investing is something you should do today, not tomorrow. And it will be something people will always wish they did yesterday or five years ago to be exact.

There are many other things I wish I was doing from five years ago. We could all do things better if given the chance. But the main things I would do are not many. I wish I was learning more about online business and digital marketing. I wish I was taking my health and diet more seriously from years ago. I wish I was taking the time to invest the little money I had. Those are the main points. I could be a completely different person today if I was doing some of those things back then. But I know I’m going to get to my destination regardless of the path I take. So I won’t sit and dwell on all the lost opportunities of the past. Of course it’s good to take the time and think about it. But the only real action I can take is to be better now and in the future.

I’m doing my best to do things now that future me will wish I did five years ago.

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