What do you wish you had done differently?

Life is a million and one decisions with a million and one outcomes. Every decision we make can change everything around us in the blink of an eye. The butterfly effect is something we can’t see but feel everyday. We choose to go to one party with friends and years later an entire relationship can be in shambles. It can be that easy sometimes. The truth is the decisions we make can make or break us in life.

So it’s important to always make the right decisions. Except it’s not possible. We’ll never be perfect beings. We’re bound to make the wrong the decision eventually. It’s a part of life. It’s the way we handle the decisions that is important. We should always look back on the decisions we make and audit how good or bad it was. Then we use that information to learn and become a better person that makes better decisions. So what do you wish you had done differently?

Here’s what I wish I had done differently and my thoughts on it.

We walked onto this majestic beauty of a ship and were in complete awe. It probably wasn’t the biggest or fanciest of ships out there. But it was my first ever ever cruise so I was still highly impressed. All I could think is, “How on earth is all of this fit on a running, floating ship?” The look on DeAsia’s face was complete and utter joy and excitement. She spent the whole year planning this trip for my birthday but I don’t think she even expected a cruise to be this amazing.

We went straight to the bar and got two drinks. One pina colada and a strawberry daiquiri. It was just like old times at the five star resorts in Jamaica. The only difference was this time it was just me and her. We were actually adulting all by ourselves. We went to the comedy show and cuddled up laughing our heads off. We got drenched when at the pool watching the belly flop competition. And the tension was high when we competed in the battle of the sexes games.

And that was all on the boat. We did so much more fun things on the islands from jetskiing, drinking from pineapples on the beach, and exploring the Bahamas. It was the time of my life until my stomach started hurting one morning. I was eating a big breakfast of syrup, waffles, turkey sausage, and more. And my stomach started with a small pain. It wasn’t a big deal. I drank more pina coladas and ate all the burgers I wanted. Then the pain started getting worse.

Then next night instead of cuddling up watching movies. I was curled up in pain trying not to wake DeAsia sleeping beside me. I took every pill I could find on the boat to no avail. The pain was so intense I was sweating and breathing heavy trying not to squeal out. I only ate a plate of steak the next day. And as soon as I finished I was back in the bed curling and twirling for help. And there was nothing to do but wait until the trip ended days later.

I got home and was surprised with another trip to Ohio. Yay to birthday surprises! Except as soon as I touched down in Ohio the pain got worse and worse. Dwayne who planned the Ohio trip didn’t have a clue how much pain I was in while fake smiling. By the end of the night I was bent over in the shower throwing up all over the place. It was tragic. We rushed me back to Atlanta hoping I could manage the pain. It only got worse and worse. And before the end of the week I was in surgery getting my gallbladder removed.

It was a great birthday ruined by a horrible sickness. But I know there was something along the way I could of done better. Had I chose to eat salads and fruits throughout the year my pour gallbladder wouldn’t have deteriorated. The thing I wish I could have done different is eat better. I wish I would have taken my health more seriously altogether. It was small decisions of burgers, chips, steak, and pizza that added up. My bad health decisions affected my birthday, experiences, and gallbladder. Maybe if I handled my health differently, I’d still have my gallbladder today.

What do you wish you had done differently?

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