What do you want more of in your life?

We’re ambitious beings by our very nature. Some living things are just content with being as is. We don’t all have the mental prowess and awareness to aspire for bigger and better. Think about the lifestyle of the hundreds of thousands of plants all around the world. I don’t know everything about how plants work. But I know the basic experience of the world’s vegetation is to just grow and exist. Us humans, have so much more depth to how we process this world. And a big part of the differentiator is the natural human ambition.

No matter how successful we become in life, the goals are never fully attained. We are the ultimate embodiment of the neverending hamster wheel of success. The only difference between us and the hamster that’s tortured running for a prize they’ll never get, is simple. We choose the prizes we want to run endlessly for. And the moment we achieve one thing, we quickly replace it with another prize. But that motivates us to get a lot done. You just have to be aware of what you really have been wanting in life. So what do you want more of in your life?

Here’s a short story on what I want more of in my life.

Miles and I got out the car and approached the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium. There was a huge crowd of people that were in line waiting to get inside. We finally made it to the front and they asked for our tickets. Miles started fumbling though his pockets while looking keenly at the security officer. After about five minutes of sitting in limbo, the officer told him to stop. Miles looked up and smiled. And the officer handed us our drivers licenses while pointing straight back heading out the building.

We walked out with our heads in our hands and feeling ashamed. I could feel the people around us snickering and laughing as we walked back past them. We walked around the right side of the building towards the parking garage. Then we saw a cracked door on the side of the building behind some under construction signs. We looked at each other, smiled, and without thinking twice, cut an immediate left into the building. We walked to the top of the stairwell and found ourselves on the top floor with the box suites.

We walked past a couple of aloof security guards and were in the highly exclusive area. There were businessmen and soiled kids walking these halls. We just laughed and didn’t look anyone directly in the face. We were blending in like all the other kids enjoying the fruits of their parents labor. We got hungry and tired of walking. And we were actually curious to see the monster truck show. So the very next box suite we saw we walked right into after peeking to confirm it was clear. There was tons of hot dogs, wings, sandwiches, cookies and other snacks. We grabbed a seat, got comfortable, and ate until we were stuffed. It was a bold, exciting, and memorable event! I want more bold and adventurous experiences in my life!

Thanks for treating me as such a great guest in your beautiful, luxury box suite for the night Miles! Can’t wait until we actually own one!

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