What do you want less of in your life?

They say when it’s all set and done less is more. And while that statement contradicts itself in it’s very nature, there’s still some value in it. When you’ve collected every pair of sneaker that you’ve ever wanted, sneaker collecting loses it’s value. When you’ve watched every movie and read every book the world has to offer, you stop seeking out new knowledge. If you win every challenge and competition then what’s the value in competing. When we have too much of something, that thing starts to lose it’s value. Less can make things more scare and ultimately more valuable.

So in a way, less is definitely more. But even when less isn’t more, sometimes we just prefer less. Sometimes we don’t want to have a closet full of outfits that we never get the chance to wear. Sometimes we don’t want to travel the world three hundred and sixty five days a year. Sometimes we just want less of things. And there’s often good reasons for less. There’s a lot of bad things in the world that affect us negatively. If we have too much of those bad things it can bring our spirits down. So less of the bad is always a good. You just have to be clear on what those bad things are in your life. It’s hard to create less of something in your life if you don’t know exactly what that something is. So what do you want less of in your life?

Here’s my thoughts on what I want less of in my life.

The one thing that I want a lot less of in my life is unnecessary stress. I hate being stressed out in life. Stress is such unfortunate thing to deal with. It creates nothing but turmoil and difficulty in people’s lives. When I have to deal with stress it makes me very aggravated. That’s most people though. I just personally don’t enjoy dealing with stress because I know there’s so many ways to avoid it. Stress is something that makes us all live a lot more on edge. We aren’t ourselves when we’re dealing with lots of stress from different places. I know we’ll all get stressed sometimes. But there’s many stressful situations that can be avoided. And that’s what I want less of in my life. I want less stressful situations overall.

So whatever I’m doing in my life these days, I want there to be less stress. I know business can get very stressful because it’s a hectic profession. I enjoy business stress most times though. The stress that I hate is the stress that is not adding value to my life. When someone wants to gossip about other people and their problems it doesn’t affect me except in a negative way. Arguing with people about thingst that are irrelevant can also cause a lot of stress. I ultimately need to be more responsible with how I’m spending my time and energy. If I spend my time in a productive way I shouldn’t be stressed nearly as much. I can also spend time with more optimistic and positive people in order to avoid stress. I want less stress in my life because life is no fun when it’s stressful.

So to all energy vampires, please don’t go adding your stress to my life.

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