What do you think is worth waiting for?

We all the know the early bird gets the worm. But we can’t forget that the best is often left for last. So you may wake up and get the worm but those that wait may get the longest juicest bugs. There’s nothing wrong with going for what you want and living in the moment. But everyone is always focused on the here and now. And when we indulge now we often can’t later.

Some things take time to develop or grow. Some things are just better with a little time. And some things are only possible later rather than now. So it’s useful when we know how to wait and be patient for certain things we want. But you have to be sure that thing is worth the time you invest in it. So what do you think is worth waiting for?

Here’s what I think is worth waiting for and my thoughts on it.

There’s one time I remember vividly getting happy that I waited. I wait all the time for things that I don’t have to wait for. I wait to watch movies or shows I’m really excited for. I wait to sleep after I’ve gotten my work done that day. I wait to spend money after I’ve saved a certain amount. I don’t mind waiting for things in life. But this moment was a great one because it really solidified that some things are worth waiting for.

It was early on when Dwayne and I started our business. We were putting a lot on the line as young college students dropping out to start a company. But it wasn’t the long work hours and the insecurity of having no backup plan that bothered us. At that point we were in our prime of college. We had so much to see and do in life. And we were making a giant step away from that lifestyle.

We weren’t going to be out partying every weekend downtown. We weren’t going to be travelling every break to get shitfaced on a beach. And we weren’t going to be keeping up with all the popular tv shows. But the worst part of it all was how little time we ended having to spend with friends and family. It made us sad and we knew we had to do something about it.

So in that first year of business we made a decision to make a point to do something special for our friends and family. We thought getting them all together for some kind of treat would be great. And we made a vow that same day to do it. We didn’t know exactly what it would be and how but we knew we wanted to do something. But at the end of the first year we were making a measly two hundred and fifty dollars a month.

We thought we should do something cheap. Then the next year we were making slightly more. We thought it’s the right time to do something. We never did. Then the next year we really felt like it was the moment we’ve been waiting for. But we chose not to do anything. But the year after that a lot of bad things started happening. The business was in turmoil and Dwayne and I weren’t healthy.

But for some reason we knew this was the year we were waiting for. At one of our most disheveled moments we pushed through to do what we knew we had to do. And when we finally got all our friends and family together in Florida, it was the time of our lives. We were able to pay for pretty much all the expenses for everyone the whole week. They just had to show up and have fun. We were able to pull off a handful of epic surprises. And the whole thing was an event we’d never forget.

I think of how nice in thought it would of been to do something in year one or two. But the truth is, the experience and celebration we wanted everyone to experience wasn’t realistically possible those days. We waited a little longer and it turned out to be more than we could of imagined. Great things take time. And I’m glad we chose to wait. Now I believe even more that many things are worth waiting for including, food, success, and anything you truly want.

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