What do you see when you look into the future?

The future holds the answer to today’s problems. But today can hold the source of tomorrow’s problems. The future is something that we could never experience. We will always be living in the here and now. But the future is important in so many different ways. The things we do today will ultimately create the future we have tomorrow. And the future of tomorrow will affect the future of next week and the future of next year.

It’s hard to comprehend but the future is vital to the success of humanity. The giant infrastructures like government, highways, and even space travel are built using the concept of the future. When you can’t create everything here and now, you need to work with the future. But at the same time, the future is almost completely unpredictable. So what do you see when you look into the future?

Here’s what I see when I look into the future and my thoughts on it.

I look into the future often. I’m someone that’s very motivated by all the things that can be built now for the future. I like to say my mind lives in the future. Because despite my current surroundings I know there can be so much more in my future. And maybe there isn’t anything better in my future. But usually that small chance motivates me to work harder and accomplish more. If there is more and better out there for me, I’m willing to work for it now.

So when I look into the future there are many things that I see. And my future changes almost weekly depending on my decisions now. But there’s still only three things I see almost everytime I look into the future. And they might not always be the best things to see. Everyone believes the future holds nothing but great things and it’s sad. And other people think the future holds bad things for everyone. The truth is there’s a million different opportunities of things that will be in the future. And we could never know exactly to a tee what it’s like. But I know when I look into the future, I see these three things everytime.

Pain. The world can be a dark place sometimes. And the truth is there will be dark moments in our future. Nobody lives on cloud nine forever and ever. The sad times will come when you least expect it. The tragic news will come when you least wanted to hear it. And there’s nothing we can do to change this. There will be downs because that’s just a part of the human experience. Some will hurt more than others. But in our future is surely pain.

On the other hand, our future holds joy. There can’t be downs without ups. And there can’t be ups without downs. The world will find ways to bring us up out the dumps. When we think we’ve really lost all hope, the universe has a way to show us that small glimpse of hope. So don’t be scared in the low points. Because tomorrow will always hold a high point. It won’t last forever but it will happen. Ups and downs. The world has shown us this pattern over and over. Joy and happiness is in all our futures.

But if we can’t bank on future having ups and downs, there is something we can always bank on. The future holds change. Everytime I look in the future it’s a little different than the last time. And that’s the reality of life. Nothing in this universe is at a stand still. The wind blows, the earth rotates, and the moon revolves. Life is movement. And that’s something I know the future will always hold… change. No one knows exactly where that change leads but we can all be confident that nothing will be the same forever.

Those are a handful of the things I see when I look into the future. There’s many other things like wealth, prosperity, and new opportunities I see in my future. But the only things I can guarantee for my future is those three words. Pain, joy, and change. Everyone’s future holds these things. But we all see different things when we peek into our future. And that’s the beauty of life, the past, present, and future. They all may hold something different for us all. So what do you see when you look into the future?

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