What do you owe yourself?

Nobody wants to owe things to other people. It’s never fun being in debt. You live with a dark cloud over you reminding you that you owe something to somebody. Many of us still learn this the hard way. We borrow money for schools. We spend borrowed money leisurely off credit cards. And we get take out mortgage loans to buy places to live.

In the end, we all learn that it’s never really advised to borrow from others. When we owe something to others we can feel tied down and be forever in debt. So later in life we aim to owe nothing to anyone. But there is one person we should always owe something… ourselves. We can stay motivated and loyal to ourselves when we owe something to ourselves. The question is, “What do you owe yourself?”

Here’s what I owe myself and my thoughts on it.

The thought of owing someone something can be very stressful and frustrating. But the thought of owing yourself something is completely different. When we owe ourself something it seems like we are meant to do something. It isn’t a situation where you’re in debt to yourself. It’s more of a situation where you should do something for you, but it’s not the end of the world. You won’t be in jail or end up bankrupt.

When I think of what I could owe myself, many things come to mind. I could owe myself money, experiences, or many luxury objects. Those are all things I would love in my life. I think it would be great things to acquire. But can I really say I owe myself those things. What’s wrong with living a life with average money and few luxury items or experiences.

There’s nothing wrong with a simple lifestyle. I have thought many times about living a minimalist life. So I don’t think for a second I owe myself any of those cliche things. But there is something I do owe myself. I owe myself the chance to reach my full potential. That’s something that has been universally important to me. As a child, in my future, and currently I want to reach my full potential.

I will always believe that one of the single most important things I owe myself is trying to reach my full potential. I have always known I was one of a kind. I know I have enormous potential and I’ve been shown that many times throughout my life. Many different times in my life I’ve worked hard to see who I am. I’ve never known what I could truly accomplish but I know it is exceptional levels.

Living with the feeling that you’re great eventually affects your character. Imagine being great and knowing it your whole life but never accompishing greatness. That would be hard to live with. So I know that I could just sit back live a life of averageness but that’s unfair to me. The old Tim has worked hard to get where I am now. And the current Tim is working hard to get the future me somewhere better.

I owe it to myself to see what is possible. It’s only fair to all the hard times I’ve been through. It’s only fair to all the work I’ve put in over the years. It’s only fair to the greatness I know lives within me. That is why I owe myself the opportunity to be great. It’s my mission to explore my full potential. There’s no guarantee I’ll ever accomplish anything spectacular. But I don’t owe myself greatness. I owe myself one main thing… just the opportunity to be great.

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