What do you love most about yourself?

The world has an obsession with perfection. We wake up each day trying to be better and better. We look at ourselves and think about all the things we suck at. We go poking holes in every little flaw. It’s toxic in a way. We should learn to focus more on our positives.

If we focus more on positives, we may grow a lot more than we think. Think about how many insecurities are born out of people solely focused on their strengths. Perfection isn’t a realistic option, so why do we always judge ourselves against it. Cherish your positives and focus on them daily. But first you must know what you love most about yourself.

Here’s what I love most about myself.

When I think about the things I love about myself, there’s one thing that always comes to mind. And it’s my mind. The mind is such a special part of a person. But for me, my mind is my greatest asset. It is valuable in such a variety of ways.

First off, I naturally overthink. Every second of every day I’m spending time thinking about something. And while most people, are often thinking all the time too. I am in deep thought about something all the time, not just grazing the surface. Most people know I can zone out easily.

This sounds like a negative by itself. But when you think about it, this has been a positive for me. I think we all go through stressful things in life. Or sometimes we’re just in situations that aren’t ideal. With my mind, I can disassociate from the things going on around me. It’s like having a secret hideout to retract to at any moment. My mind has always been home to my one and only true safe space.

But I love my mind for more than just helping me be more antisocial. I also find that I’m naturally a very disciplined person. I know that there’s no discipline in life without a strong mind. I’ve gone through some of the toughest situations from intense pain, working days nonstop, or being on my deathbed. My mind has gotten me through it all.

Some people would crush under the intensity of the pain I’ve gone through. When I think back to the hours I’ve spent up in pain, it’s heartbreaking. And rarely do I ever complain. Not because I’m inhuman and don’t feel pain. The pain is there. But my mind stays determined to get through it.

And while I could go on and on about my mind, the last thing I love is how efficient my mind is. This question is so arrogant in nature, but honestly my mind is such a powerful computer. I’m not super quick and fast on my toes with numbers like I was when I was younger. But I’m super accurate. The way mind processes things is a work of art.

My mind thinks logically, rationally, and chronologically about almost everything. It results in my peers calling me an amazing problem solver. When there’s a problem I think of the problem and chronologically on all the reasonable options to fix it. When there’s a goal, I reverse engineer the vision working backwards until I plot all the steps to achieve it.

These are a few of the many things I love about my mind. It’s the most powerful and unique part of me. And I can truly say, I would not be the person I am today without the beautiful mind God has blessed me with.

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