What do you like most about your job? What do you dislike most about your job?

The decisions we make as young adults make a big difference in our lives. We can choose to do drugs and party every weekend in highschool. Years later we might be stuck in life depressed and have nothing to show for ourselves. We could choose to join the robotics or coding team afterschool. Years later we could be a tech entrepreneur running a billion dollar startup. Every decision we make has an impact on our lives. But it seems like some decisions are more impactful that others. As far as I know my life will be the same whether I drink orange juice or lemonade with dinner tonight. But if I choose to work at one company rather than another it could affect my life drastically.

And one thing that seems to affect everyone drastically in their life is their personal career choices. The job you have today can be holding you back in certain ways. The job you have could also be progressing you through your career path. Every job has it’s own pros and cons. Not even people who sit around and play games for a living have a perfect job. There will always be good and bad. A job that is all pros is probably not even a real job. And a job that seems like all cons is just straight torture. Real life jobs have pros and cons. You just have to weigh the pros and cons realistically for your own life. So what do you like most about your job? What do you dislike most about your job?

Here’s a short story on what I like and dislike most about my job.

There was two weeks left before the year ended. Dwayne and I were in the city recording art courses. Today we recorded a course on Manga Hair to upload to the site next week. Amy just left the studio and we were just packing things up. It was always chill after the courses were recorded. A few hours earlier we were scrambling around setting up camera equipment, ordering donuts, and revising scripts for the course. But after we usually take our time, eat donuts, and talk business. It was really my favorite part of going to record courses in the city every weekend. So we were talking about different areas of growth for the business. There was so many things we needed to get better at.

I was explaining that we needed to get more hands on deck. If we simply got other people to help us with a lot of this busywork we’d have time for other important things. We could hire someone to come and record the courses for us every weekend. Then we started talking about marketing strategies. We were still doing homeschoool expo tours and really had no other way of getting new customers. We talked briefly about Google or Facebook Ads. Then I decided to look in our business bank account to see if we even had the budget for Facebook Ads. There was just under 10,000 dollars in the bank account. That was a pretty good feeling. We weren’t completely broke and doomed.

Then I realized that the year would be over in less than fourteen days. That meant the fiscal year for our business would be ending then as well. We had to spend all that money before then to stay unprofitable and keep putting money back in the business. We started thinking of all kinds of ways we could spend ten grand in a couple days. A week went by and we completely forgot. It was three days out from the next year when we decided we needed to get a new platform built. We scoured the web up and down for developers or agencies that could take on the project. We came across an ad on Quora for a development agency that specialized in startup apps and sites. I called them immediately.

The team was out on a holiday break. I begged the lady on the phone to get a decision-maker on the line. She said it was impossible. I had to let her know how serious we were about becoming a client. It got so bad to the point that we were begging her to take our money. Eventually, the owner got on a call and made the deal. We spent the ten grand a day before the new year started. It was a close call. That’s what I love about my job. I’m the boss. Dwayne is the boss. We make the decisions we want. We can be independent and impactful with our decisions. We don’t take orders from anyone else. It’s really a liberating feeling. What’s a bad feeling is finding out a few months later while doing taxes that the transaction didn’t post until forty-eight hours later smh.

Nonetheless, I love being independent and having the responsibility to make important decisions. I trust my judgement and I’m glad I can act on it ninety percent of the time. And I trust in Dwayne’s skills as an entrepreneur. Together we’re building something we’re truly proud of. And at the end of the day we’re completely responsible for our future. We will reap what we sow. So we can work hard and become legends in the business world. Or we can be lazy and have a failing business that amounts to nothing. It’s our choice. I don’t rely on some manager or supervisor to give me the opportunities I want. Instead, I go out and find those opportunities myself.

On the other hand, I hate that everything is on me and Dwayne. That really sucks about our job. If I drop dead today, our business would struggle. The same goes for Dwayne. Everything is on our shoulders almost all of the time. Our business needs us to survive. And we’re responsible for every little thing that happens in our business. There’s no scapegoats that we can throw under the bus. If we don’t do it, then it won’t get done. And we all need breaks sometimes. But we’re rarely in the position to take a break because like I said, if things don’t get done the business fails. So we’re constantly busy doing things that aren’t always the best use of our time. Many times we’re just stuck doing what needs to be done. That’s the story of being an entrepreneur.

But I know without a doubt that I’m meant to be an entrepreneur. It’s one of those jobs where the pros will always outweigh the cons in my eyes!

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