What do you know well enough to teach to others?

It takes ten thousand hours to become a true master at anything. Ten thousand hours is a pretty long time. The average human life equates to a little over six hundred thousand hours. But remember a third of those hours will immediately disappear because you’ll spend them snoring like a baby. So there’s essentially four hundred thousand hours of human life spent awake. And if you want to become a master at something you have to take ten thousand of those hours and pour it into something. You can become a master at writing spending two or three hours writing a day for nearly ten years. You can become a master at basketball or football. You can become a master at socializing or chugging down a cold beer.

There’s an endless amount of things we can master in this life. Most people are trying to master one thing or another. It’s a great feeling to know that you’ve reached the highest level of understanding of a subject. Not many people will reach that feeling for any real subject. Not because it’s not possible, but simply because most people don’t have the discipline. It’s hard to stay committed and focused on one area of expertise for ten thousand hours. That’s the problem with mastery for most people. It’s the time committment. But there’s other levels of mastery that don’t always require thousands of hours. There’s mastery as far as understanding. And to truly understand a subject there’s no minimum amount of time needed. You can say you truly understand a subject when you can successfully teach it to others. So what do you know well enough to teach to others?

Here’s my thoughts on what I know well enough to teach to others.

I won’t sit here and make it seem like I’m a master at a million and one subjects. I’m not. I’m not going to sit here and make it seem like I was blessed with the skills to master things in one or two days. I’m no different than you. But I will say that I’ve become really skilled at a few things in my life that were important to me. I won’t say that I’ve reached the level of true mastery. But I’ve become an above average player in a few different areas of my life that I’m proud of. I’ve become pretty proficient at playing poker. At a very young age I was playing poker with my two bestfriends almost every weekend. We would watch videos online of poker tournaments and study the championship tables. We would host our own little no-limit poker games and wager candy bars. And eventually, we grew a little older and played on cruise ships or international countries.

I’ve also become pretty well at playing video games. A lot of high school kids would say they’re the best at playing video games. And I understand that claim. But I was much better than majority of my peers and would easily rank above them on a consistent basis. I had a knack for pretty much any game that I inserted into my Playstation system. But of all the games I played over the years, shooter games were the ones that really caught my interest. Call of Duty in particular was my go to game and I loved playing it everyday after school. I would watch videos on Youtube of professional players destroying all the casual players that played around holiday time. I started mimicking the movements and plays that I saw the pros do. Before I knew it, I was coming at the top of my team and hands down the best player in every lobby I entered. I started recording videos of me dropping nukes or getting over one hundred kills in a single game.

I was also pretty horrible at meeting people back when I was in middle school. I had a lot of social anxiety and was never interested in talking. I would stay quiet and keep to myself in every single class. Of course I had one or two really close friends that I would converse with every now and then. But for the most part I was a straight loner and a super introvert. The thing was, I was changing schools almost every year from middle school into high school. I would go to school make friends and by the summer I would be enrolled in an entirely different school system. I would keep to myself until I made one or two friends at the new school. And then the very next summer I would be living in a completely different state getting enrolled in a brand new school. That forced me to learn a little more about social dynamics. I’m no expert now but back when I was really learning it, I could meet ten new people a day without thinking twice.

Those are only the tip of the iceberg. There’s a bunch of other random things that I’m pretty good at. I’m not an expert at all. I’m just good enought to be better than most. Oh yeah, I completely forgot to mention video editing. I was completely clueless on how to make a video not to mention how cameras even worked. Then at some point I started fumbling around with a budget camera. That pushed me into making videos with my brother skateboarding showing off all his highlights. And before we knew it, I was a super talented videographer making high-quality videos like it was nothing. I started making a living off that skill in my late highschool, early college years. I made videos for non-profits and companies all through Atlanta just from referrals alone. But I never took it to the whole professional level. I didn’t decide to follow a career in any of those areas and completely master it.

I didn’t really need to master any of those specific skills. I just need to master the one skill I was already really good at. The skill of learning was my focus. I was always learning something new. I had to learn how to play poker from scratch. I had to learn how to get good at video games from scratch. I had to learn film and video editing from scratch. I had to learn a million and one things from scratch and I became great at them. That’s what I did with all my time. I would work on one thing and get good to a certain level. Then when I got good enough at that skill, I would start learning how to get good at something else. All that time, I was becoming better and better at learning new things. I was putting in my ten thousand hours at learning things from scratch. And I don’t know if I’ve spent that whole ten thousand hours. But I’ve definitely become more than proficient at it.

I would say without a doubt that I could teach others how to learn. I could teach others the mindset they have to adopt to become really good learners in life. They wouldn’t have to learn one specific thing like how to dance. They can learn the concept of learning things in depth and quickly from me. Then that person would have a whole world of information and skills open up to them. I think I’m kind of passionate about teaching others how to learn in a way. That’s likely why my business today focuses on teaching others different skills and how to master them. The ability to learn things is a one of a kind skill that we should all try to master one day. Your whole life changes when you realize that you can do, be, and accomplish anything in the world if you spend a little time learning it. That’s how I see the world and would love to show others that same perspective.

I could teach others how to teach themselves. It’s either that or how to make a business from scratch and create an income source.

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