What do you have trouble seeing clearly in your mind?

The mind is a powerful thing. The mind is our gateway into the world and how we experience ninety percent of our existence. The heart without a mind is out of control. The mind without a heart is cold and robotic. We need both to be a stable and thriving individual in the world. And they work perfectly together. The heart picks up where the mind leaves off. And the mind picks up where the heart leaves off.

We have to be cognizant about using our mind and hearts in the right way. When we don’t use our minds correctly we usually make bad decisions. Sometimes it’s just hard to see things clearly in our mind. So it’s understandable why we struggle grasping certain things mentally. But we should keep trying to grasp things from different perspectives. What do you have trouble seeing clearly in your mind?

Here’s what I struggle to see clearly in my mind and my thoughts on it.

I struggle to see why people let their pride, ego, and ignorance hold them back in life. There’s so many times that we think the world is out to get us. It happens to almost everyone. But the wise thing to do is to be understanding that there will be ups and downs in life. We can always hope for the better. But some people take one small down, and create a giant downward spiral of negative energy in their life.

I hate thinking about how potent a negative mind can be. If we let ourselves think it, we will believe the whole world hates us. And many times the smallest problems become giant issues. It wasn’t our destiny to fail but rather we create self-fulfilling prophecies. And it’s sad to see so many people deeply affected by the problems we create for ourselves. I hope to always be informed, open-minded, and humble. I know too well how pride, ego, ignorance, and insecurities can destroy us.

I have trouble seeing pride as a good characteristic rather than a toxic tool. I have trouble seeing ego as anything other than a defense mechanism that holds us back from the truth. I have trouble seeing why people would want to live in ignorance and withhold themselves from true understanding. It’s hard for me to wrap my head around those ideas. But I will stay open-minded and curious to understanding this and others more better.

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