What do you have that you cannot live without?

We come into this world alone and not knowing much. We’re essentially a blank slate with no preconceived ideas. But as we grow we start to learn more about the world. We start to find things and people we’re fond of. That’s all a part of the process.

That’s a big part of life itself. The adventure of exploring this big giant world is what we live for. And we get excited when we come across new pleasures and pleasantries. But sometimes we come across something that not only we like, but we’re attached to and can’t live without. These things are usually one of a kind and few and far between.

Here’s what I have that I can’t live without.

Most people hear this question and think of all the toys and gadgets they have. I can’t lie. I thought the same thing. I love my playstation. I enjoy my fancy cameras and smartphones. I’m super grateful for the internet being such a useful tool at my disposal. But these things honestly speaking, I could live without.

When I think deeper about the question, a better answer arises. I don’t have much attachment to the physical things around me. Rather the things that give me life are very abstract or non-physical. When approached that way, the answer is clear for me. The one thing I have that I can’t live without is hope.

My mind is my world. Everything I do, think, or feel starts first in my mind. It’s the control center to my life and a big part of who I am. So my mental health is super important to me. I think often about the future, my goals, and success. These things drive me on a day to day basis.

Many people have optimism for the future as well. But I’m not an optimist. I don’t just think anything and everything is possible if you just wait and hope. I know bringing things to life takes hard work, determination, and persistence. I’m what you call a realist. I’m honest and very realistic with my hopes in life.

So when all odds say something is nearly impossible, the keyword there is nearly. I won’t think it’s just going to happen. I would think there’s a small chance. And all I ever need is a small chance. I need that something to aim for and work towards. If I lose that hope, I will feel that all hope is truly lost.

When there feels like there is no chance, I will lose all motivation to live. And honestly, I would have a hard time living on much past that point. I can’t live like a robot just working for the sake of doing something. I need to see and feel progress. Or at the very least, I need to know progress is possible. If everything around me seems impossible and all hope is lost, well I’m lost as well. That’s what I can’t and truly wouldn’t want to live without. Hope.

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