What do you do with the majority of your money?

They say money is the root of all evil. They could very well be right. But what “they” can’t say is that money is useless. Money might be influential for the wrong reasons but in today’s society it’s a valuable asset. We can use money to sustain ourselves with food, water, and shelter. We can use money to buy experiences and attend different events. And we can use money to give back to the less fortunate and help others. There’s a million and one things to do with money.

But the things we do with our money tends to say a lot about who we are. If we spend money on alcohol and uber rides chances are we like to party. If we spend money on books and online courses chances are we like personal development. Looking at someone’s bank account is a tell-tale way to see who they are and what their habits are. If we want to learn more about our own good and bad habits, look no further than your money spending patterns. So tell me, what do you do with the majority of your money?

Here’s a short story on what I do with majority of my money.

It was about two years ago when I was working on the site for my first client. Me and Dwayne had done many gigs together before but this one was different. We were building out an entire website for another person that was starting their own business. And the weird part was that we didn’t even go looking for this gig. We literally just stumbled into the right place at the right time and ended up with a great opportunity. We would build a site for this client and they would pay us a smooth five figures.

It was crazy. We had never imagined doing a five figure project for a web design client so early. But I guess this is what agencies charge for this type of work. We put our heads down and got to work creating the site exactly as the client wanted it. We added our own creative flare and they loved the product we were building. Then they told us to send them the bank info so they could make the first payment. We sent it over and got back to work. The next week we were shocked when we saw the six thousand dollar wire hit our account.

We split it down the middle, three grand each, and went about our business. I wasn’t planning on having three grand in my account so I had no idea what to do. Since it was so unexpected I did what I always do when I get unexpected money. I put it all into my savings account. Then as time went on I started thinking of what I could actually spend the money on. Most people would book a trip somewhere or maybe go buy some designer clothes. The first thing that came to mind was investing.

I had been looking at a couple different ways to invest and was interested in learning more. This was the perfect moment to take action because I had the money to spend. So instead of spending the money on any other thing that came to mind, within days I invested every single penny. It was put into three different areas. I bought my own gumball machine with the parts and product needed. I put about a grand into a short term stock trading account. And I put the last grand into a long term wealth growing account.

It was perfect. Three different areas I wanted to invest in and I was able to put a little into each one. But over the years everything didn’t pan out. I had to switch locations for my gumball machine multiple times and I reorder because the gum got stale. I got too greedy with the short term trading and made bad bets on some volatile stocks. And the long term stocks did pretty decent. All in all I lost a lot of the money, but still have around five hundred of it in the investment account.

Recently, I got another five hundred dollars dropped into my account randomly. And I started to think of what to spend it on. I thought about the last time I chose to invest my money and majority of it ended up down the drain. But then I realized that I regardless of how it went I was still happy I invested my money back then. I would choose the investing over new clothes or trips any day. I learned a lot from the past experience and am better off today. And just like that I invested all the money into fifty candy boxes to make money in local businesses for me.

Majority of my money is spent on investing, business, or straight into a savings account.

Hopefully, all the investing makes me a millionaire one day!

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