What do you do to relieve stress?

Life is everything but a simple cake-walk. If anything life is more like a 3 flavor, 7 tier wedding cake adventure marathon. It doesn’t matter where or what situation you were born into, there is no such thing as a perfectly easy life. We all have our shortcomings and life will push us to our limits on a consistent basis. If we’re not struggling with money, our health is deteriorating. If we’ve got perfect health, our friend and family relationships will weaken. If our friendships are rock solid, our mental health and happiness will be broken. In life there is always a challenge ahead.

And we learn over the years to find ways to fight these challenges head on. We stop complaining about the road bumps and rather slow down a little sooner. And as we get through this tribulations we get smarter, faster, and wiser in life. But through all of that growth, we still get frustrated with the problems life throws at us. And sometimes it seems like we reach a breaking point of stress. The stress and frustration leaves us overwhelmed and discouraged in life. It’s important that you find ways de-stress and stay optimistic in life. So what do you do to relieve stress?

Here’s a short story on what I do to relieve stress.

There was nothing special about the day when I looked through my social media apps. But when I scrolled through my emails, there was a ton of emails from Sparketh customers. They were all exclaiming that they couldn’t access the site. I flicked my computer on, smashed some keys, and got to the Sparketh website. The site was there and everything loaded. I took a deep sigh of relief. But when I tried playing one of the courses, the video wouldn’t play at all. None of the videos would play. Turns out the hundreds of videos on the site needed some code updated by hand for each individual video.

When I walked into the nail salon, I couldn’t find the bright pink box. It was always right there on the counter but now I couldn’t find it. It felt like all the women were staring at me. I knew I should of had a girl make the switch for me so I didn’t attract too much attention. I looked behind the counter where the cashier usually stands and there it was sitting on the desk. I grabbed it and made the switch, leaving the full candy box front and center for people to see. Just as I was walking out, a nail technician told me they no longer wanted the candy boxes and I had to take them both back with me.

We were having a normal conversation about life, my birthday, and her birthday. DeAsia was big on celebrating birthdays and holidays. I was more chill about those kinds of things. The only real exception was when it came to Christmas. I loved Christmas with all my heart and Santa is actually real. But that’s another day’s conversation. We got into a simple disagreement about celebrating birthdays. I didn’t want to celebrate anything this year, but she insisted I was being ungrateful and a buzzkill. Then one thing turned into another. She blew up screaming and I shut down in silence.

I was hyped to finally get back on Black Ops 4. It was almost six months since the last time I played this Call of Duty. It’s not that I didn’t like the game, I was just always busy or playing new games. But now I was in the lobby with some of closest friends and we were playing a popular game called, “Sticks and Stones” from our childhood. But as soon as we got in the lobby and started playing, one of my friends started arguing about the score. He knew what the score was supposed to be but he still chose to be unfair. I was upset and didn’t even want to play the game at all anymore.

I was up all night trying to plan the perfect 50th birthday party. My mom was shaken out her shoes when we all sprung out and screamed surprise. I was glad she was happy and she saw how much everyone around her cared. Everyone was enjoying the dinner, laughing, and having fun. I was running around like a chicken without a head. It was hard enough hosting the party and paying for everyone’s dinner but I had to get the birthday video up and running too. By the end of the night I was exhausted. I went home, fell onto my bed, and knocked out cold. When I woke up in the morning I was extremely stressed and frustrated because I forgot to answer my daily question the night before.

And after all of those moments, I was very stressed. Some of them were more stressful moments than others. But there was one thing I did after all these frustrating moments that helped relieve my stress. I went for a slow and deliberate walk through my neighborhood. In that solitude of just me and my mind it was relaxing to let go of the things stressing me. I could find things to be grateful for. And I could appreciate nature and Earth itself. Walking and thinking in solitude gives me clarity and perspective to get through most of life’s stresses.

You should go for a walk now and see where your mind takes you.

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