What do you do to deliberately impress others?

We’re social human beings at the end of the day. We easily connect to the people around us. We easily empathize with the people around us. We easily find identity in the people that surround us. These are things that happen naturally from being social beings. But there are some things that we’ve taught ourselves over the years. The thought of being jealous and envious is something that we’ve brought out of ourselves from bad social structures.

In this day and age we’ve also trained ourselves to boast and brag. It’s not something that we do often in nature. But through societal messages we’ve adopted the mentality that we should all be perfect. Now we’re hooked on trying to make others like us for a facade of perfection rather than who we truly are. The only way you can change it is by taking the time to think about the things you do for disingenuous reasons. So what do you do to deliberately impress others?

Here’s what I do to deliberately impress others and my thoughts on it.

All the tv shows made it seem like this was the moment dreams were made of. Our whole school career was leading up to this one glorified school party. I never really understood the appeal of prom. But it was too late to ask the hard questions. Prom was here and it was time to have the night of my life. So I did what every teen does for the most important party of their youth… I bossed up. Everything had to be on point and perfect down to every little detail.

This wasn’t normal for me. But I watched enough movies to know how it goes. So I got a fresh haircut early in the morning. I had the most expensive tux in the whole store. And of course the shoes had a high shine all over it. All I could think of was all girls I would impress. And I knew the guys would all get jealous at my high-end tux. So I put on my cuff links, jacket, and some fancy cologne. I thought I was taking forever. My date, Aleyah, was taking a lifetime just getting her look together. But the perfect guy couldn’t accept anything less than a perfect date so I didn’t mind.

Two hours later we headed out the house to takeoff for our adventure. Beep, beep. I unlocked the sparkling clean new edition white bmw with turbo. My mom let me drive it. But for anyone asking tonight, it was absolutely my car. It drove like a champion and I felt like a king riding through the streets. When we got to Sundial, pretty much the most expensive and luxury restaurant in Atlanta, I had no idea where to go. My date, my friend and his date were all following me. I was the big boss that night after all.

I had to ask a kiosk attendant how we got to the top floor with the revolving restaurant. They chuckled and pointed me to the elevator. We got to the table expecting to be treated like a celebrity. Instead, it was a waiter that treated us like humans and I didn’t know how to pronounce half the meals on the menu. I almost choked adding up the tab as I paid for everyone. And then later in the night, as I walked around fishing for compliments everyone was just busy having fun.

I learned that night that impressing others comes from a place of insecurity. I was looking for validation from things that I had. It was very weird and disingenuous. My whole night felt like a game of charades with me acting like the stuck-up, insecure, millionaire douche. And the sad part was that I was just a kid in high school. Nobody expected me to be some big shot millionaire. I hated it. I never wanted to feel that way again. These days I’m deliberate about doing things for myself. I rarely ever deliberately try to impress others. It goes against everything in my blood.

And my senior prom night was all the time I needed to spend trying to impress others. I’m much happier being myself for genuine reasons. But for the sake of the question, I’ll tell you what I do now to impress others. It’s a little thing called social media. I spend time to make social media like Instagram or Youtube come across as impressive. I take the time to write thoughtful quotes and post cool images to impress others. In my heart, I glorify entrepreneurship on my social media to inspire others. Sometimes people only respect the things they’re impressed by.

What do you do deliberately to impress others?

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