What do you admire most about your mother and father?

We are a product of our parents. We are a physical production of two people coming together to create us. So the eye color and hair thickness of your parents make a huge difference in your own eye color. It’s weird to think about being a direct outcome of two other people and what their makeup is. In some ways there’s nothing original about us. Everyone got their genetic makeup as a result as someone before them. So our parents will always be an important part of who we are physically. We can’t escape that truth.

But most people don’t realize how much parenting affects you indirectly as a person. The way our parents talk or walk will often influence the way we develop over the years. The indirect influences on who we become are just as important as the physical DNA we’ve developed from our parents. Sometimes just observing the way our parents interact in the world affects how we interact with the world. We learn so much more from our parents than we could ever realize. It’s important to understand what good and bad you learn from your parents. You should admire those good traits and try to embody them in your own life. So what do you admire most about your mother and father?

Here’s what I admire most about my mother and father.

My mother is a trooper in so many ways. I’ve seen my mom go through some of the most turbulent times. No matter how crazy things get my mom stays grounded. She never says she can’t do something. I know that it’s hard being a single mom and raising all these kids. We all have our own challenges in our life and personalities. All of her kids have struggled in some way or another. It’s easy to see all of us grow up and be eager to force everyone out of her life. But despite all the struggles my mom sticks with us. She believes in her family with unwavering faith.

And most importantly she believes in herself. She is never scared to get up and go somewhere all on her own. She doesn’t let anyone or anything stop her parade. Whenever she gets the chance she’s celebrating life and doing what she loves to do. Sometimes that’s travelling to new places. Other times it’s going back home to Jamaica and getting back to her roots. But through all of this I’ve seen her work her ass off. She pushes through her work day after day. And she’s made all kinds of sacrifice for all her loved ones but specifically for me as well. I will forever be grateful for the work, hustle, and grind my mom puts in to support her family.

My biological father Boyd is a very interesting person. He is someone I look up to not for his crazy work ethic but rather for his character. He’s a very grounded person in most situations. The first time I met him I was impressed by his humble surroundings but overall great quality of life. It didn’t take much for him to stay happy and motivated in life. He didn’t need to be in a million dollar mansion or splurge on the nicest car. He lived simply and had routine all throughout his life. He would play tennis on weekends. Cook a simple dinner after work. And mostly stay to himself.

He worked as a nurse dedicating himself to being on the frontline with the sick. I personally respected that because of how many times I’ve depended on a nurse for care. He was just a rational and understandable person. I knew from the moment I met him that there was a lot I could learn from him. He would take his money and put into building a special project out in Jamaica. He was never in a rush for success or anything pleasurable. Like me, he was all about deferred gratifaction. And ultimately, he’s an example of a life well lived with just enough.

My father that raised me, Rotimi, is a great person as well. He’s someone that I’ve admired from the shadows for a long time. I would observe his mannerisms and what makes him tick. From the outside, he seems like a cold-hearted person that doesn’t care for people or others. He only shows up to a handful of events when he’s invited and never really cares to converse. But over the years I learned that he is a great person for many reasons. He’s a super hard worker that loves helping others. He works as a medical doctor taking the time to save lives on a daily basis.

As such, his schedule is often packed with work around the clock. It’s rare he gets a day or two of free time. But he works very hard to support his family and create stability for those he cares about. And maybe he will give you financial support before emotional support but that’s how he works. He shows his appreciation by supporting you with acts of service and technical help. He might not hug and kiss you. But he will work his heart out for the people he loves. And sometimes I fear that one day he will. Ultimately, I love all three of these people and admire them for different reasons. But one thing they all have in common that I admire is how dedicated they are. They will do anything to accomplish what they believe.

Thank you for inspiring me Cheryl, Boyd, and Rotimi! I hope one day I could accomplish even half of what you guys have.

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