What do we all have in common besides our genes that makes us human?

There’s something special about being human. There’s so many different creatures and organisms on earth. There are graceful birds, vicious lions, splashy fish, and so much more. There are creepy insects, peaceful plants, and deadly bacterias. But of all these things, humans are the most special.

We have built a whole new world from the handful of resources we were given. We’ve developed entire cities and civilations that work together across thousands of miles. We’ve designed pivotal technologies capable of saving millions of lives, but others powerful enough to destroy life as we know it. And of all these the most special thing is how we’re all unique but connected as one humanity.

Overall here’s what I think we share in common.

Our one life.

That’s the common denominator.

We’re all put on this earth, at different times, in different places, with different people. And yes, we all share earth as our one and only home. But someday soon, we may branch out beyond this earth. Ultimately, the one thing we all share in common is the one life we’re given.

We’re all born once on this earth with no previous life or backstory. This all our first experience on earth. And honestly, this cements that we’re all born equal. Family history or economical advantages aside, we’re all born with a blank slate to work with. We learn, and develop our thoughts from that point on.

Nobody gets to say I’ve been here before and I know how it ends. We’re all working with same amount of limited knowledge. We’re all trying to learn as we go in life. That’s the commonality between us. We have nothing but time on our hands from day one.

It’s interesting to see how we all spend that one life. We all take different routes to achieve our goals. Some of us dedicate our whole life to starting a business. Others commit to their soulmate and revolve their whole life around their family. Some people don’t even have goals, they just take the time to exist. We’re all different.

I believe we’re all here learning about who we are and what we value. And the best way to figure that out is to give you a bunch of time and some free will. It’s the equivalent of giving each of your children one hundred bucks and carefully waiting to see how they each spend it. But instead of one hundred dollars, it’s one dollar. And instead of one dollar, it’s one life. How would you spend it?

That’s what we’re all experiencing at any given moment. We’re all trying to figure out the best way to spend the one life we’ve been given. Some people justify splurging all their dollar recklessly by embracing the YOLO (You Only Live Once) movement. Others rationalize saving their dollar for a greater purchase by committing to their religion.

We can’t say what is the right or wrong way to spend that one life. Because it’s just one. Maybe our first and last. We all hope to spend it the best way. So we live, learn, and grow.

But regardless, we as humans will always be connected by this one life.

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