What did you learn recently that changed the way you live?

Life is just one big learning experience. We’re born into the world as blank slates and we develop everything we know as we go. We learn to crawl, walk, and eventually sprint. We learn to speak the language that the people around us are speaking. And we even learn the difference between right and wrong as we grow. It’s fair to say as kids we’re just giant sponges soaking up knowledge and understanding about the world.

But even as adults we learn things. We learn how to drive a car. We learn how to work as team at a company or in school. We learn how to save our money and invest it in good projects. At least we should learn those things as adults. But we’re always learning and getting smarter everyday. Eventually there’s something you learn that changes your whole perspective. So what did you learn recently that changed the way you live?

Here’s what I learned recently that changed the way I live and my thoughts on it.

I love to learn new things. I’m always trying to learn new ideas and concepts that expand my mind. And I often spend hours diving into random crazy subjects that I have no business learning. But it’s just something I love to do. When I get curious about a random subject, I’ll often start exploring it in depth. So it’s easy for me to spend hours learning about a subject that absolutely didn’t plan on learning. But’s always great fun learning new things.

On the same note, I learn new things when I need to learn a new skill. This is something that happens often in my daily life. I’m building a business from the ground up so there’s always a lot to be done. But many of the tasks are in new areas I’ve never dealt with before. Just this week I had to explore a lot in video streaming technologies. I also spent some time learning about email marketing strategies and how to build an effective marketing funnel.

So it’s safe to say I learn new things pretty frequently. But all that being said, it’s rare that I learn something completely changes the way that I live. I’m not waking up the next day thinking how email marketing is going to change my life. Okay, I do think it’ll change my life in the context of my business. But in my day to day, I’m not living differently because of random science theories, video streaming technologies, or marketing funnels. So when I do learn something valuable it’s very impactful.

In recent memory, the things I learned that changed my life is simply the importance of people. I learned that people are a valuable resource in business. My business has been on a downward trend as of late. And it looks very bleak for the future of the business. But through all the troubles, it’s clear that it could of all been solved with a little help from other people. We can’t do everything ourselves in this world. And we should all make a point to learn how to interact with people.

It’s something that I’ve always been in denial about. In my heart, I believe in myself before anyone else. So it’s easy to think I can accomplish any and everything I put my mind to. And I still believe that. But I now know, that sometimes that requires a helping hand. And it can be very fatal to ignore or undervalue the help from other people. I’ve learned that firsthand. And it has surely impacted the way I live.

Now I’m very keen to be more socially intelligent. I put time and energy into trying to build a stronger connection with other people. I hope to help people with their lives because one day I may need their help. And I’m overall just a more aware person when it comes to the importance of others and how people work. Everyone sees the world differently and we all have to respect that. The way I live has changed for the better since I learned people are invaluable. What lesson has changed your life?

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