What chances do you wish you had taken?

They say you miss one hundred percent of the shots you don’t take. It’s a sad but true quote. And many people don’t realize it applies to any and every part of life. If we don’t take the gamble our chances of winning are zero. The chances we take in life are directly correlated to the successes we achieve.

So it’s important that we take chances for the things we want. If you want true love you have to take a chance. If you want great health you have to take chances. If you want financial success you have to take chances. But we can never take all the chances. So it’s important to remember the chances we should of taken but never did. Ask yourself, “What chances do I wish I would of taken?”

Here’s the chances I wish I would of taken and my thoughts on it.

There’s so many things we all could do better in life. And when we think back there’s nothing we’ve done perfectly. That means there’s an unlimited amount of chances we could of taken but never did. It doesn’t mean every chance we should of taken though. And I personally don’t believe in regrets in life. I live with decisions I make and respect them. But for the sake of this question I’ll entertain the things I imagine could of been differently in my past.

It was early in my highschool career. I was going to a brand new highschool and wanted to make some new friends. I sat down in my homeroom class and found myself sitting next to the prettiest girl in the class. I wore sunglasses and a stylish outfit on the first day of school. But every day since then I was low-key and stayed under the radar. I definitely noticed her though.

Me and every other guy in the class noticed her from the moment we met her. She had long black hair, pretty nails, and a caramel skin tone. Randomly she struck up a conversation with me. It was something simple like getting an extra pencil. From there we started talking about random stuff like our middle and elementary schools. She told me how she used to be fat but worked out to lose a lot of weight. Then she lifted her shirt to show me her first belly.

I was impressed. The teacher was in the middle of a lecture but we still talked nonstop. I never do that. She was cute and interesting. And she told me liked my look and the outfit I wore the first day of school. Then she showed me the bruise on her thigh from cheerleading all the time. I rubbed it and told her she’d get better soon. And we looked at each other intensely and started laughing. We went on to see each other in other classes throughout the school year.

But for some reason I was too nervous to make a real move. I never told her I thought she was pretty. I never told her I was attracted to her. And I never told her we should hang out after school. It was one of the instances where I could of built an interesting relationship with a girl I liked, but I never took the chance that day in school. I didn’t even go for a number. Not even a social media account.

In hindsight, I wish I took more chances with the girls I liked when I was younger. There’s not much to relationships when you’re younger. But it doesn’t take from the point that I should of taken the chance on the people I wanted know better. There was no harm in taking those chances but there’s lost relationships from my lack of action. That’s life though. I’ve lived and I’ve learned.

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