What can you do today that you were not capable of a year ago?

A year ago today would be January 10th, 2018. And as I sit and think of all the things that have happened to me in a year’s time it’s hard to zero in on one solid thing. One single skill I learned, that a year before I couldn’t do. One single experience I had, that a year before I wouldn’t try. One single decision I made, that a year before I wouldn’t have ventured.

That’s because I strongly believe that many things we do, is not a matter of if, but rather when. Not that I couldn’t have traveled to 20+ expos in cities all over the U.S. a year ago, it just wasn’t the plan. Not that I couldn’t plan out an awesome trip Disney to revive my childlike spirit, I was busy traveling to Jamaica. Or not that I couldn’t take on a no carbs diet for 2 months, I was focused on drinking water for a year straight.

So yeah, this question had me in deep thought for 15 to 20 minutes about what single thing did I accomplish this year, that a year ago was just so unachievable.

And then it hit me…

It wasn’t a single that happened to me last year, it was the culmination of the year. It wasn’t the things I accomplished that year, it was all the things I didn’t. It wasn’t what experiences I gained from those things, it was the single thing I learned from them.

Last year, 2018, was hands down one of the worst years of for my business. But not just for my business, also for my life. Not only did we lose hundreds of customers… Not only was I hospitalized over 10 times, nearly once a month… but so much more. I would list out all the things but let’s just say it’s worthy of it’s own post.

All that said, my vision of success that I’ve carefully developed since my youth was completely shattered that year. For once in my life, everything around me said failure. Everywhere I looked. My business… failing. My business partner’s motivation and happiness…failing. My health…failing.

So the one thing I learned in 2018, that I can now do, is let go of the fear of failure. I’ve learned to no longer be attached to idea of success. Failure will happen. It will come. It will hurt. But you…and I…will be alright. I know things can always get worse. But I’ve been to the bottom and even while I don’t know if I’m out, I do know…it’ll all work out.

Thank you Lil Wayne.

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